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DaVinci MIQRO Review — Ultra Portable, On-The-Go Performance




DaVinci MIQRO Review
Design — 9.5
Build Quality — 9.5
Vapor Quality — 9.5
Flavor — 9.0
Battery Life — 8.0



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The MIQRO is the latest device to be released by DaVinci, and is the follow-up to the popular and very successful DaVinci IQ. It’s got a brushed aluminum paint job, full temperature range, and pure vapor pathway. But the MIQRO is much, much smaller than the IQ and even has a smaller oven size that is perfect for smaller sessions.

This reduction in size makes the MIQRO a great device for solo or light users, but it still delivers power, flavor, and a full set of features. And while it’s small enough to be discreet, that doesn’t mean that it’s any less potent.

So what’s the scoop? In this MIQRO review I’ll be going over everything that you need to know about this ultra portable dry herb vaporizer.

DaVinci MIQRO Review — Ultra Portable, On-The-Go Performance

What’s In The Box — MIQRO: Explorer’s CollectionMIQRO - Explorer's Collection

  • 1 x DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer
  • 2 x 18350 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 x Extended Mouthpiece
  • 1 x XL Carrying Can
  • 1 x Keychain Tool
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 1 x Grinder Coin
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cable
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Owners Manual & Warranty Information

The MIQRO is available for purchase by itself, but you can also get it as part of the “Explorer’s Collection”. Alone, the MIQRO will come with an 18350 battery, USB charging cable, and extended mouthpiece.

But with the Explorer’s Collection you also get some very useful accessories such as a large carrying can for your herbs, an extra 18350 battery, a carrying case, a grinder coin, as well as a sleeve for your MIQRO.

The packaging is really well done and presents the device well. Once you remove the sleeve, the packaging unfolds to reveal the device inside.


  • Weight: 100 Grams
  • Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Conduction Heating
  • Max. Temp: 220°C / 430°F
  • Ceramic Zirconia Vapor Pathway
  • Uses a Single 18350 Battery

Design & Build Quality

  • DaVinci MIQRO Review

The MIQRO shares the same sleek design as the IQ, just in a smaller form factor. You get the same beautiful, brushed aluminum finish and it feels nice to the touch. It’s not too slippery nor is it too grippy and it’s held up very well during my testing. I received the graphite color for this review, but you can also get the MIQRO in black, blue, rust, or purple.

The MIQRO features a rounded shape that is very comfortable to hold in your hand. It feels solid and well-built, and definitely feels like a high-end vaporizer. In terms of appearances, I think that the MIQRO is one of the nicest looking dry herb vapes available, hands down.

Thanks to its small form factor and modern design, I found the MIQRO to be perfect for discreet use. Rather than a vape, it looks like it could be a key fob or a jet lighter and this makes it the perfect device to carry when you’re trying to fly under the radar.  

All of the components on the MIQRO are well-built and fit together snugly. The hinges open and close properly, and all of the parts are well-machined and free of defects. Build quality is not an issue with the MIQRO.

SizeDaVinci MIQRO Size

When I first opened the box, I couldn’t believe how small this thing was. The MIQRO is 33% smaller than the IQ. And while that may not seem like a lot on paper, it’s quite the difference. At just over 3 inches tall, the MIQRO is tiny. For comfort and discretion, I can completely palm the MIQRO in my hand. It’s also exceedingly light at 100 grams and is perfect for taking out. A few times when I was out, I even forgot that I had it on me!

PortabilityDaVinci MIQRO Portability

I’ve been taking my MIQRO with me on my daily errands and using it here and there throughout the day. For me, a device of this size was perfect. If you don’t carry around a bag, It’s small enough that it can slip into your pocket without an issue. And because of its light weight, you’ll barely feel that it’s there.

If you purchase the Explorer’s Collection or pick up a couple of extra 18350 batteries, you’ll never have to charge outside of your home. When your battery dies, you can just swap in a fresh one. Replaceable batteries are an underrated feature, and one that I wish more vapes would incorporate. Some of you may disagree, but I hate being stuck with a dead vape.

MouthpiecesDaVinci MIQRO Flat Mouthpiece

Included with the MIQRO are two mouthpieces. One is a flat mouthpiece, while the other is raised and extended. Both are made of ceramic zirconia and this keeps the vapor pure, as well as cool. The small size of the MIQRO inevitably means a shorter path for the vapor to travel and the ceramic zirconia plays an important role in cooling it down.

The flat mouthpiece is better for more stealthy and discreet use, but it also means that your lips touch the device. For longer sessions, the MIQRO can get pretty hot and this can be uncomfortable on your lips. It’s for this reason that I tended to use the extended mouthpiece.DaVinci MIQRO Extended Mouthpiece

The extended mouthpiece sticks out from the MIQRO and gives the vapor a little extra room to travel and cool down. I found that this made the vapor a lot smoother and more pleasant. Plus, using the extended mouthpiece just felt more natural.  

Heating ChamberDaVinci MIQRO Oven

The oven on the MIQRO is located at the bottom of the device, and is accessed by opening a hinged door. Compared to the IQ, the MIQRO’s heating chamber has been reduced by quite a bit. Where the IQ can pack up to half a gram in its oven, the MIQRO will hold just around half of that; up to 0.25 grams. But this is one situation where I’ve found less to really mean more.

Because of its smaller oven size the MIQRO allows you to have shorter sessions with smaller doses, while still vaporizing your herbs effectively. I found the MIQRO worked best with around 0.15-0.20 grams of finely ground herb, lightly packed into the chamber. This produced the best vapor production and ensured that my herb was evenly browned and vaped at the end of a session.

The oven on the MIQRO is made of ceramic zirconia, which is the same material as the mouthpieces, vapor pathway, and pearl. Ceramic zirconia doesn’t interfere with the flavor of the vapor at all, and I could definitely tell the difference compared to other dry herb vaporizers. The vapor quality is very clean and pure tasting; definitely some of the best flavor I’ve gotten from a conduction vaporizer, that’s for sure.DaVinci MIQRO Pearl

The pearl in the heating chamber is made of ceramic zirconia as well, and helps to reflect heat. But it also lets you reduce your oven size, which is perfect for solo or light users . For instance, if you’re feeling like micro dosing you can fully extend the pearl. This will dramatically reduce the size of the oven and ensure that even the smallest amount of herb can still be vaporized.

Due in part to its small size, the MIQRO heats up quite quickly. It takes around 40 seconds to reach 370°F and once it’s there, it stays there. This quick heat up time combined with the MIQRO’s small size and easy to load oven make it very handy to pull out for few quick draws, and then put away for later. You can have a small but satisfying session in well under 3 minutes with the MIQRO.       

Vapor PathwayDaVinci MIQRO Vapor Pathway

Located in between the oven and the mouthpiece, the vapor pathway on the MIQRO is removable and also made of ceramic zirconia. It’s a thin, long piece and will require some cleaning from time to time but it’s very easy to access; just use the stirring tool docked in the top of the MIQRO to pull it out.  

If you’re concerned with the purity of your vapor and the materials it travels through before reaching your lungs, the MIQRO is a prime choice.DaVinci MIQRO Vapor Pathway


  • DaVinci MIQRO Grinder Coin

If you pick up the Explorer’s Collection, you get some extra accessories that are really useful. The extra battery and glove are reason enough, but the grinder coin and carrying case have also come in handy.

18350 Battery: If you purchase the standard bundle, you’ll get one 18350 battery. However, the Explorer’s Collection includes an extra that I’ve found to really come in handy. The batteries are small, and don’t have the largest capacity (around 40 minutes of use). So if you’re a heavier user, I would recommend grabbing a spare.

Explorer’s Collection

MIQRO Accessories

XL Carrying Can: This carrying can has two compartments and attaches to your keychain for added convenience. The larger compartment can be used to store your spare 18350 battery, while the smaller one can hold a good amount of finely ground herb. I usually keep some ground up and ready to go for quick, spontaneous sessions.

Keychain Stirring Tool: This handy little guy is perfect for stirring the oven in between sessions. However, with the small oven size I didn’t find the need to stir too often; as long as I had finely ground my herbs.

MIQRO Glove: This glove slips onto the MIQRO and adds protection for the device, as well as for your hand. The device can get pretty hot during extended sessions, so the glove is a great accessory to have.

Carrying Case: This carrying case hold the MIQRO snugly and securely, and even has some heat shielding built into it. There’s a zippered pocket inside, as well as a mesh netting for securing your accessories.

Grinder Coin: This handy little coin is perfect for grinding while on the go, when you don’t have access to a proper grinder or scissors. You can rub your herb across the surface of the coin to grind your herbs in a pickle.


How To Use The DaVinci MIQRO

One thing I loved about the MIQRO is just how simple and straightforward it is to use. There are just three buttons on the device for controls, an LED display, and three different modes to vape with. It even has vibration feedback built-in to let you know when you’ve reached your set temperature. The MIQRO has a five minute session timer, after which it will turn itself off. I usually found myself turning the device back on for another five minute session.

ControlsMIQRO Controls

There are only three buttons on the device, all located on the right side: one power button, and two adjustment buttons. To turn the MIQRO on or off, click the fire button five times.

The device will initially start up in Smart Path mode. To change to Precision mode, press the fire button once and then either adjustment button. To change back to Smart Paths, press the fire button once.

The display can be dimmed by clicking the power and down adjustment buttons together once. To adjust back to full brightness, click the power and up adjustment buttons together once.

To toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, click all three buttons together once.

To check your battery, click the up and down adjustment buttons together once.

LED DisplayMIQRO Display

The display is one of the coolest things about the MIQRO. Instead of an LCD, the MIQRO has 15 LEDs arranged in a 5 x 3 grid. You can select your temperature using the adjustment buttons, and the display will read your temperature in single digits.

Precision ModeMIQRO Precision Temperature

The MIQRO is capable of a full temperature range up to 230°C / 430°F. With Precision mode, you can choose your exact temperature in 1° increments. I found myself using Precision Mode a lot, as I like to vaporize certain compounds depending on my mood. The MIQRO is very accurate in its temperature readings, and stays constant once heated up.

Smart PathsMIQRO Smart Paths

There are four smart heating paths on the MIQRO. These paths slowly raise your temperature 20°F over the course of a ten minute session and are great for releasing a wide temperature range of compounds. Each Smart Path is indicated by a row of LEDs, with the bottom-most row being Smart Path 1.

Smart Path 1: 350°F – 370°F

Smart Path 2: 370°F – 390°F

Smart Path 3: 390°F – 410°F

Smart Path 4: 410°F – 430°F

I found myself using Paths 1 and 2 for the start of my sessions during the day, while I used Paths 3 and 4 in the evening while trying to unwind and relax. The paths save you the hassle of having to manually adjust your temperature every few draws, and instead keep the vapor steady and constant. With the Smart Paths and a properly packed bowl, I had no issues leaving smaller bowls unstirred in the MIQRO.

Boost ModeMIQRO

By holding the power button, you can activate Boost Mode. This raises the temperature for as long as you hold down the button. Once you let go, the MIQRO will enter standby mode and rapidly cool itself down.

I didn’t use Boost Mode too much myself, but I can see it being useful for solo vaping at lower temperatures or for using to finish off the last bit of a bowl. I was already vaping more towards the temperature limits and I like releasing specific compounds, so I preferred to just use the Smart Paths or adjust my temperature manually.

Vapor QualityMIQRO Vapor Quality

For such a small device, I was very impressed with the vapor density and quality of the MIQRO. The small oven performed best when I packed it with around 0.20 grams of finely ground herb, and I was getting some very flavorful draws.

However, in order to achieve this level of performance from the MIQRO I had to use a temperature to 390°F + or Smart Paths 3/4. At lower temperature I wasn’t getting the dense vapor that I desired. But this is to be expected from a device that is meant for solo or light use, and not as much for larger sessions or draws.

You’ll get the most use out of the MIQRO if you’re someone who doesn’t vape too many times throughout the day, or if you’re actively on the go and need a device that is as small and as discreet as possible.

AirflowMIQRO Airflow

I found the airflow on the MIQRO to be more towards the airy side and not as restricted as the IQ. Whereas the IQ gave a fair bit of draw resistance and required some effort to pull, the MIQRO has a lighter and easier draw. With use, the draw resistance will increase by a bit but this will only last until you clean the unit.

For me, the draw on the MIQRO was a bit too light but some will disagree. In any case, it’s certainly not bad and will satisfy most vapers out there. This isn’t to say that I dislike the airflow, but I do think it could be a bit more restricted.

Battery Life

  • MIQRO Battery

For an ultra portable device, the battery life of the MIQRO is respectable. The tiny 18350 batteries were averaging me around 40 minutes of usage time on a full charge. With the MIQRO’s five minute sessions times, this will get you eight, five-minute sessions. Personally, I usually went for two, five-minute sessions with the MIQRO and found myself getting about four, ten-minute sessions on a full charge.

When you do have to recharge, it’s faster than most other devices. It took me around an hour and a half to fully recharge a dead battery inside the MIQRO. But I also used my external battery charger for subsequent charging and this charged the battery up in about an hour. Not too much of a difference, but I would definitely recommend something like the Nitecore SC2 if you’re going to be grabbing a few extra batteries.

Cleaning & MaintenanceMIQRO Accessories

In order to keep the MIQRO functioning at peak performance, you do have to do a little bit of maintenance. For starters, I would recommend emptying out the oven after each session. This keeps the oven heating up efficiently and also lessens draw resistance.

Every few weeks, I would suggest doing a deep clean on the device. In order to do so, I removed all of the parts that I could from the MIQRO: the mouthpiece, vapor pathway, and pearl. Then, I gave them a bath in isopropyl alcohol. Afterwards, I rinsed them out with warm water. Just make sure to allow the pieces to dry completely before reassembling.


I thought I would mention the warranty, as I think it’s pretty important to consider when buying an expensive electronic device of any sort.

DaVinci offers a five (5) year manufacturer’s warranty for the MIQRO that warrants against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, effective from the date of retail purchase.

This doesn’t cover user damage, or failure to properly maintain your device. So take care of your MIQRO, and DaVinci will take care of you.

Final VerdictDaVinci MIQRO Review

So what’s the final score on the DaVinci MIQRO? There are a lot of things about this dry herb vaporizer that make it great. I’ve been very surprised by the performance of such a small device, especially the vapor quality and flavor. The conduction heating works to efficiently and evenly heat your herbs, and the ceramic zirconia components and vapor pathway keep the vapor cool and pure.

The MIQRO gives you the option of vaping smaller quantities of material, which is something that just isn’t effective with larger vaporizers. This makes the MIQRO ideal for micro dosing, or for light users. I wouldn’t suggest the MIQRO for group use, and would say that it is instead a purely solo dry herb vape.

If you’re concerned with usage time, you can always grab the Explorer’s Collection for an extra battery. This will net you 80 minutes of usage time before having to use a charger, which should be more than enough for a day of travel.

I would say that if your ultimate concern is portability and discreetness, the MIQRO is the perfect dry herb vaporizer. It produces great vapor quality and flavor while staying sleek and low profile — something that is hard to come by.

Until next time — Stay Versed


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