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Flavbar V2 Disposable Vape Review: A Disposable Worth Buying

The Flavbar V2 is one of the latest of the many disposable e-cigs that have been released in recent times. However, where the majority of disposable vapes hold between 1-2ml of eliquid and have a sub-400mAh battery, the Flavbar V2 is different.

Each Flavbar V2 comes prefilled with 3ml of 5% strength nicotine salt eliquid  and packs a built in 650mAh battery. While this isn’t quite as much eliquid or as large of a battery as the Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max disposables that I recently reviewed, it’s still much more eliquid than what you would get from other disposables.

With so many other disposable options available is the Flavbar V2 worth the buy?

SpecificationsFlavbar V2 Packaging

  • Prefilled with 3ml of Ejuice
  • 5% (50mg) Nicotine Salt Strength
  • LED Puff Indicator
  • 650mAh Battery
  • 10 Flavors Available

Design & Build Quality

Flavbar V2 disposables come individually packaged with one per box. Inside of the box they’re sealed in packaging for freshness with a silicone cap over the mouthpiece. Both the box and the plastic packaging are attractive and look good, which gives me high hopes for the performance of the device. My thoughts are this: if they’ve taken the time to make the packaging look good then they’ve probably taken the time to make sure that the device looks and performs good as well. This isn’t always the case (as I’ve seen before), but in most cases good packaging is a good sign for the product.

After removing the packaging and silicone cap, the Flavbar V2 is ready for use. It’s draw activated like other disposables and simply requires you to draw on the mouthpiece to vape. When you do, a blue LED on the bottom of the device lights up. It’s a small light and it’s not too bright. However, if you want to be stealthy you can’t cover it up entirely because the LED hole is also the airflow hole.

These disposables are about an inch taller than other disposables that I’ve reviewed but they’re not too big at all. They’re very lightweight and have a tube shaped body that is comfortable to hold, but they tend to roll away if laid down on their sides. 

Each Flavbar V2 is prefilled with 3ml of 5% strength nicotine salt eliquid. They also have a 650mAh built-in battery which is surprisingly large given their small size.

The paint finish on these is particularly attractive and a nice detail. The paint has little sparkles in it that aren’t immediately apparent until you look closer and I really like the look. 

Unlike other disposables like the Hyppe Bar or Cali Bar, the mouthpiece here is an actual, true drip tip. It’s small with a rectangular tip and the sides slope in to make it conform to your lips.

The front side of each Flavbar V2 has a small Flavbar logo, along with the flavor and nicotine strength while the back has “V2” at the bottom.

As far as the design goes, this is one of the best looking disposables that I’ve gotten my hands on. The tube shape looks nice and also allows room for the 650mAh battery and 3ml of eliquid. The paint is also extremely attractive. The build quality is similarly top notch with no visible flaws or manufacturing defects to speak of.

FlavorsFlavbar V2 8

Flavbar V2 disposables come in 10 flavors. Six of these are “ice” or mint flavors and four are cooling-free. These flavors are Blue Razz, Peach Ice, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Melon Ice, Lush Ice, Cool Mint, Banana Ice, Lychee Ice, and Grape.

For this review I received 5 of these flavors to test out. I’ll describe how each one tastes to the best of my ability and give my thoughts on if they’re good or not. However, keep in mind that these are only my thoughts. I might like a flavor that you’ll dislike and vice-versa; taste is subjective.

Strawberry Banana

This is a nice even mix of strawberries and bananas. A lot of other strawberry-banana flavors I’ve tried have been too strong on one or the other, mostly the banana, but the mix here is just right. I taste both the strawberry and the banana flavors equally. This flavor is just sweet enough to be tasty but not so sweet that it makes me sick to vape on it. This is a very well-balanced flavor and just tastes good all around.

Cool Mint

Cool Mint is a nice mint flavor with a blast of cooling. It’s a sweet menthol that I think even non-mint/menthol vapers will enjoy. The cooling is strong but it’s not enough to knock your socks off. This is a cool, clean flavor that is refreshing to vape on no matter the season but it would be particularly great to vape on in warmer weather. Unfortunately, it’s winter here in Toronto, Canada so I can’t enjoy it outside like I want to.

Melon Ice

Sweet and natural honeydew and cantaloupe flavor with a touch of cooling. The melon flavor is 90% of this flavor with only 10% being cooling. Like the cool mint, this flavor can be enjoyed even by non-menthol vapers as the cooling is not too strong. The melon flavor is a balanced mix of honeydew and cantaloupe, I don’t taste any watermelon. Tasty flavor.


This is my favorite flavor of the ones that I was sent. This is slightly candied, sweet red grapes and it’s extremely tasty. It’s like a candied grape drink in vape form. I can vape on this all day and not get tired of it (which is exactly what I’ve been doing, actually). This is in my top 5 grape flavors that I’ve tried. If you like grape flavors, try this disposable. I’m almost guaranteeing that you will love it.

Peach Ice

This flavor is good but it’s my least favorite of the bunch. It has a nice peach flavor, but it’s light and a bit too sweet and sugary tasting. The ice in this flavor is similar to Melon Ice, where it’s not strong but you can taste and feel that it’s still there. If I could, I would up the peach flavor and tone down the sugary sweetness. That would make this flavor better in my books. Still, not bad but not something that I can vape on for extended periods of time.

PerformanceFlavbar V2 7

Flavbar V2 disposables are available only in 5% nicotine strength. This means that they’ll deliver a strong hit of nicotine that is suited for heavy smokers/vapers and not for those who smoke or vape more lightly. 

The throat hit is strong and satisfying but not too aggressive. But although the throat hit is noticeable, the vapor is still smooth. These deliver a loose MTL draw with warm, but not hot, vapor. 

Flavbar advertises these as 1000+ puffs but I think that they may be overstating that number a bit. With 3ml of eliquid and a 650mAh battery, you’re looking at a more realistic number of 500+ puffs. I suppose that these could possibly get up to 700 or more but if you’re expecting 1000+ you’re going to be disappointed. 

I’ve experienced no technical or performance issues at all during the time that I’ve used these. They haven’t leaked, acted up, or malfunctioned at all. The draw activation works like it should and doesn’t take too much effort to activate.  Good job to Flavbar here.


In a sea of disposable options, are Flavbar V2 disposables worth the purchase? After testing and using them, I would say yes. The flavors are all really good and the throat hit and draw are on point. I also really like the design, and the paint that they’ve used makes it look even better. These definitely last longer than other disposables that have only 1-2ml of eliquid, but don’t expect to get 1000+ puffs or you’ll be disappointed. 

When it comes to disposables, the Flavbar V2 is one of the better options out there.


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Adam Alhiraki

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