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Geekvape Wenax Q Mini Review: Another Great Device from Geekvape

Geekvape Wenax Q Mini

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The bottom line

In a nutshell, the Wenax Q Mini brings the style, keeps it simple, and delivers a darn good MTL vape. Is it flawless? No, but it’s very close if you’re all about that easy and simple vaping life. Looking for a sleek, handy sidekick for your vaping escapades? This might just be your new go-to buddy. Recommended.

Geekvape’s Q pods have been turning heads in the vaping world, and they’re back with a bang in the Q lineup of pod devices. Meet the Wenax Q Mini – a compact and simplified iteration of the previously well-received Wenax Q

The Wenax Q Mini is compatible with all Geekvape Q cartridges and will output up to 25W. It also packs a 1000mAh battery that is recharged with Type-C charging. This pint-sized powerhouse focuses on simplicity and style, but does it pull it off?

In this review, I take a stab at answering this question as I made it my all-day vape for 8 days straight. I’ll go over every aspect of this device, from the performance to the battery life, so that you can decide if it’s worth getting.

  • 1x Wenax Q Mini Device
  • 2x 2ml Geekvape Q Cartridge (Pre-installed:1.2Ω, Extra: 0.6Ω)
  • 1 x USB Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Size: 109mm x 23.8mm x 14mm
  • 25W max output
  • Uses Geekvape Q Pods
  • Draw activated
  • MTL to Tight MTL draw
  • 2.0ml pod capacity
  • 1000mAh battery
  • Type-C charging
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Colors Available: Black, Turquoise, Pink, Gradient Gray, Gradient Purple, Gradient Gold

Design & Build Quality

  • Geekvape Wenax Q Mini - 1

Geekvape proudly describes the Wenax Q Mini as a ‘Quest for Chic’, and upon cracking open the box, I have to admit it did look pretty slick. For this review, I received the Gradient Purple color that screams simplicity – no flashy designs, just a sleek look that is perfect for those who want to keep their vaping low-key and ‘normalized’. 

The top half of the device houses the black pod system, neatly connecting to the body and leaving a generous portion of the pod exposed for a clear view of your e-liquid. The viewing window gives you a peek at around 20% of the liquid, ensuring you know when it’s time for a refill without any surprises.

Now, let’s talk airflow – Geekvape proudly dubs it ‘Precise Adjustments for Airflow.’ There are four settings to play with:

  • All holes closed: This setting delivers a tight MTL hit, shining with the 1.2 pod.
  • 1 hole exposed: Ideal for an MTL experience, especially when paired with 0.8 and 1.2 pods.
  • 2 holes exposed: Offers a looser MTL draw, perfect for 0.6 and 0.8 pods.
  • Fully open holes: For the RDTL enthusiasts, exclusively rocking the 0.6 pods.

Geekvape Wenax Q Mini - 9

Now, the all-closed option was a bit too restrictive for my taste – not sure who’s into that, but everyone’s got their preferences. On the flip side, the other airflow choices make sense. One hole caters to ex-smokers transitioning to vaping, two holes suit discreet vapers gradually adjusting their lungs to vapor, and the fully open option delivers that promised restricted direct-to-lung hit.

Flipping the device reveals a Type-C charging port and can I just say, thank the vape gods it’s not at the bottom. It’s the little things that make a difference, right?

On the front of the device we have the Wenax logo in letters, which lights up in a green color when the pod is connected or disconnected to the device. Perfect if you’re unsure on whether or not the pod is making contact with the magnetic rings found on the bottom of the pod and inside the device. This area also serves as your battery light indicator, which we focus on a little more later in the review.

While this type of vape device doesn’t allow us a peek under the hood, Geekvape claims to incorporate VPU (Vaping Processing Unit) technology within the battery area, purportedly resulting in a 23% increase in vapor production. I’ll have to take their word for it, as I personally didn’t notice a significant difference compared to similar devices from other brands.


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As stated, the kit includes 0.6Ω and a 1.2Ω disposable pod, each boasting a generous 2ml capacity for your favorite e-juice. However, if you’re eyeing that 0.8Ω option, you’ll have to snag that separately.

What caught my attention is the user-friendly design of both pods. Sporting a top-fill feature, you simply snap off the mouthpiece, pour in your e-liquid from the top, and you’re ready to vape. Personally, I’m all for the top-fill method – not because it has any performance edge, but simply because it allows me to fill the entire pod without grappling with the whims of gravity.

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Geekvape scores some extra points by using the same pods across the entire Q range. This means, if you’ve got leftover pods from a previous Geekvape line, you can throw them onto the Q Mini without an issue. It’s a practical move that’s not only convenient but also wallet-friendly. No need to break the bank on a new set of accessories every time a shiny new device hits the market – I appreciate that kind of consideration from manufacturers (thank you Geekvape!).

The pre-installed pod is the 1.2Ω and in my opinion, is definitely better suited for nic salts, whereas the 0.6Ω option is perfect for 6mg freebase and below. 

Remember, if you’ve installed a fresh, new pod, you want to wait at least 5 minutes for the juice to wick in the coil to reduce the chance of a dry hit.


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As you can probably expect, this section isn’t full to the brim with goodies or extras, which, if you’re looking for a simple fill and go vape, is exactly what you want. 

The device itself doesn’t feature a screen, but it does use a simple light system to inform you about the battery power when taking a pull on the device. Here’s what to watch out for:

  • Green: 70-100%
  • Blue: 31-69%
  • Red: 0-30%

As the Wenax is an auto-draw device, no buttons are needed to produce vapor, just smoke away, it’s as simple as that!

Battery Life and Charging

Geekvape Wenax Q Mini - 5

The 1000mAh battery in the Wenax takes roughly 2 hours to charge (from 0%), a lot more than some of the other players in the market at the moment that boast a fast charging system. But, the device is small, meaning the battery capacity alone is pretty impressive. 

As we’re all aware, battery life depends on usage. According to the Geekvape website, the Wenax is claimed to last for 2 days with full use. However, in my experience, this estimate is a bit optimistic. On the first day, I fully charged the Wenax Q Mini at 9AM, vaped at a medium-high frequency with the 0.6 pod, and observed it reaching the blue battery level around 3PM and eventually hitting red by 11PM.

On the second day, using the 1.2 pod at the same time (9AM), I found it reaching the blue level around 11PM. Perhaps if your usage is lighter, you might get more out of it. Overall, the claimed 2-day battery life seems a bit exaggerated.


Geekvape Wenax Q Mini - 13

The Wenax Q Mini with its 0.6ohm pod is my top pick for a tasty vaping experience. For this pod, I went with Frozen Strawberry Lemonade from Digby’s Juices at 3mg. The lower resistance of the pod of course, means more vapor, making the flavors pop with each puff. The warmth of the vapor brings out the strawberry and lemonade flavor, making it a treat for the taste buds.

The temperature is just right, offering a satisfying throat hit for those who enjoy a stronger sensation. But, the more you close the airholes, the warmer the hit. Adjust for your own taste.

For the 1.2ohm pod, I used Blue Razz Ice Nic Salt by Seriously Salty (10mg). This pod brings out rich flavors, offering a smooth and cool vaping experience. The cooler vapor is gentle on the throat, making it perfect for those who prefer a relaxed MTL inhale.

It works seamlessly with 1- 1.5 holes on the airflow open but any larger and you may have to endure a coughing fit (like me haha!).

Clouds wise…hmmm. There are the potential for clouds, don’t get me wrong, but would you buy this device with aims of changing the weather forecast? No. It’s simply not for that. You could DTL hit if you wanted to, but in my opinion, there’s other devices out there that are built specifically for that. Stick with the MTL hits for this one!


When it comes to dishing out verdicts, I always aim to take a close look at the pros and cons in order to be as balanced as possible. Now, with the Wenax Q Mini, the pros are coming in hot compared to the cons. Actually, the cons are so minor that I had to go back to my notes when writing this up in order to remember them. So, let’s have a little recap on both pros and cons.

The airflow settings were cool to play around with but I really wasn’t a fan of the all-closed option. A bit too tight for my taste, but hey, different strokes for different folks. The top-fill feature was an absolute winner. No gravity wrestling, just pop off the mouthpiece and pour in your juice; easy peasy.

Let’s give a shoutout to that Type-C charging port on the side rather than hanging out at the bottom. It’s the little things that make life sweeter.

But of course, there’s a “but.” The 0.8Ω pod doesn’t come in the kit; you have to purchase it separately. For me it was a small inconvenience as I wouldn’t mind a little sampler before I invest.

Charging time is a solid two hours from zero to 100%, so if you’re an “I-want-it-now” vaper, it might feel like a bit of a wait. The 2-day battery life is a little exaggerated in my opinion, but like I said previously, if you vape less you may hit the claim!

In a nutshell, the Wenax Q Mini brings the style, keeps it simple, and delivers a darn good MTL vape. Is it flawless? No, but it’s very close if you’re all about that easy and simple vaping life. Looking for a sleek, handy sidekick for your vaping escapades? This might just be your new go-to buddy. Recommended.

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Daniel is a Freelance Writer for Versed Vaper. He started vaping in 2014 with his first device, the Innokin iTaste MVP V2.0. With a maximum wattage output of 11W and the device itself being roughly the same size as the first-ever cell phone, it’s safe to say he’s seen some immense changes in the vaping world. He used to smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day but hasn’t looked back since discovering the fascinating world of ohms and o-rings. On the weekends, you’ll find him cheering on his terrible soccer team, Birmingham City, or trying his best to convince his wife that vape clouds will not cause the wallpaper to peel.

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