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Vaporesso Luxe Review: It’s Older but it’s Still a Great Mod

Vaporesso Luxe



Vaporesso Luxe Mod Back Panel
Design — 9.0
Build Quality — 9.0
Performance — 9.0
Features — 9.0



The Vaporesso Luxe has been out for quite some time now but it’s still one of the best looking vape mods out there. Not only that, but it’s a reliable power house that can output up to 220W without breaking a sweat. Although I have the Vaporesso Gen, I still use the Luxe quite regularly.

The Luxe is a dual 18650 battery mod with a huge 2.0” display. It has three, responsive touch buttons to adjust the wattage and settings as well as a large bar-style fire button. On the menu side of things, it has a wide array of modes available.

Is the Luxe still a mod worth picking up? Spoiler: yes. Read on for all the details.

Box Contents

  • 1 × Vaporesso LUXE Mod
  • 1 × USB cable
  • 1 × User Guide


  • 5 – 220W Output
  • Takes 2 x 18650 Batteries
  • OMNI Board 4.0
  • 2” Full Color Screen
  • Variable Wattage, TC, Bypass & More
  • Touch Controls

Design & Build QualityVaporesso Luxe Mod Back Panel

What stands out about the Luxe is its design. It’s a clean looking mod with the aesthetic of a cell phone. The edges are all smoothed out and rounded down and there are no sharp lines. The rounded contour is a pleasure to hold and it feels solid. Build quality is top rate. 

I’m using the “Rainbow” Luxe for this review and the body is fittingly rainbow colored. But what’s really neat is that the battery panel has an iridescent coating that matches the paint. The end result is a mod that looks classy and high end.

The battery door has a notch at the bottom to remove it and it’s held on by three magnets. These are good magnets and they keep the door attached. There is some vertical wiggle to the door but no horizontal movement. The battery compartment is clean and has just enough room to comfortably fit my two batteries.

I love that the 510 is centered on the Luxe. Tanks just look better when they’re centered on a mod. As I would expect, the 510 pin is spring loaded.

The Luxe’s huge 2.0” screen is gorgeous. It’s a full color display with a mountain of info. It’s ultra sharp, super crisp and really, really bright. The brightness can be adjusted in the settings menu if it’s too bright for you but I find that it’s perfect.

The Luxe has just one physical button; a long, rounded off fire button. It takes just the right amount of pressure to press and it’s clicky and responsive. It’s large enough to be easy to use no matter if I use my thumb or my index finger.

The adjustment and menu buttons on the Luxe are touch buttons and they work surprisingly well. There’s haptic feedback when you press them — a short vibration lets you know that they’ve been touched. Using these buttons are just like physical buttons. They work that well.

How to Use the Vaporesso LuxeVaporesso Luxe Screen

In order to prevent accidental presses, the Luxe locks itself whenever the fire button is pressed. To unlock the device you have to press the fire button three times.

With the device unlocked it’s just like any other mod. The touch adjustment buttons adjust the wattage up or down and the Vaporesso logo in the middle is the menu button. Pressing the Vaporesso logo three times opens up the modes menu.

Vaporesso Luxe FeaturesVaporesso Luxe Clock Screen

The Luxe has three Variable Wattage modes (soft, normal, hard), super player mode (for low resistance builds), Temperature Control (SS, NI & TI), TCR, Variable Voltage, Custom Curves, & Bypass modes.

The Settings menu contains a fair amount of options that can be adjusted.  You can set the time, the screen brightness, check or reset the puff counter and puff time, change the screen timeout, or adjust the key brightness.

Two interesting settings in the menu are Smart ON/OFF & AUTO ON/OFF. The “Smart ON/OFF” setting will adjust the wattage according to the coil resistance to stay within safe limits in variable wattage S/N/H. 

The Auto setting will automatically switch between Variable wattage soft/normal/hard as you vape. If you want to stay in a particular variable wattage mode, you can turn this setting off.

PerformanceVaporesso Luxe Kit Front

In all the time that I’ve used it, the Vaporesso Luxe has been nothing but reliable. I usually leave the smart and auto settings off and I get a consistent vape every time. This mod fires nearly instantly from the time that I press the fire button so there’s no waiting for a draw.

Power output is very consistent and vaping at 80W feels like it should. I’ve even used low resistance RDA’s and have pushed the Luxe to 160W without an issue. Of course, battery life is cut down significantly when vaping at these wattages but that goes for any mod.

Temperature control mode performance is also really, really good. I get a warm vape at 450°F with plenty of range to adjust for a cooler or warmer vape. It’s a very consistent and smooth temperature control vape with no throttling. Even now, this is easily one of the best non-DNA temperature control mods out there.


I’m struggling to find points to criticize the Luxe. It’s just a very solid box mod that performs great whether it’s used for wattage mode or temperature control vaping. The design and screen are ultra modern and very nice. Even the touch buttons work flawlessly and that’s hard to pull off. If you ask me, the Luxe is still a solid mod to pick up.

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