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Voopoo Drag S Pro Review: A Solid Mid-Wattage Pod Mod

Voopoo Drag S Pro



Voopoo Drag S Pro 1
Design — 10.0
Build Quality — 9.5
Pod & Coils — 9.0
Performance — 10.0
Flavor — 10.0
Battery Life — 8.5



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Voopoo has added yet another member to the ever expanding ‘Drag’ family, and this time it’s the follow-up device to the Drag S; the Drag S Pro. 

I reviewed the Drag X Pro last week and the Drag S Pro is very similar, save for a short list of key differences. The Drag S Pro has an output range of 5-80W compared to the 100W output of the Drag X Pro. The biggest difference though is that the Drag S Pro comes with an internal 3000mAh battery and does not take an external battery to function.

The Drag S Pro uses a pod-style tank and does not have a 510 connector. It comes with the TPP X Pod tank which is compatible with all TPP coils. This makes the Drag S Pro a ‘pod-mod’, a device that can fire at relatively high wattages and one that has the possibility of delivering flavor akin to that of a sub ohm tank — all in a more compact and convenient device compared to a mod and tank setup.

The Drag S Pro has a max output of 8.5V and uses Voopoo’s new GENE.FAN 3.0 chipset. If you’ve read my review on the Drag X Pro from last week, this review will be very similar as there really aren’t any major differences between the two devices other than the ones I listed earlier. Read on for the full scoop on the Drag S Pro.

This kit was sent to me directly by Voopoo for this review.

Box ContentsVoopoo Drag S Pro Box Contents

  • 1 x Drag S Pro Device
  • 1 x TPP X Pod Tank
  • 1 x TPP-DM1 0.15Ω Coil
  • 1 x TPP-DM4 0.30Ω Coil
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual


  • Zinc-Alloy + Leather
  • 5-80W Wattage Output
  • 8.5V Maximum Voltage
  • Internal 3000mAh Battery
  • Physical Locking Switch
  • Smart, RBA, and TC Modes
  • Draw/Button Activated
  • 5.5ml Pod Capacity

Design & Build

  • Voopoo Drag S Pro 1

The Drag S Pro is about the same size, if not a little smaller, than a single battery mod and tank setup. With the tank attached, it measures 125.5mm tall, 28.8mm wide, and 34.5mm deep. It’s the ideal size for an internal battery vape mod; not too large, but big enough that it is comfortable to hold.

The leather pad on the back of the Drag S Pro is its most prominent feature. My unit is ‘Garda Blue’. It looks great and the leather is nice. It’s smooth and semi-firm with a bit of give when you squeeze. DRAG S PRO is embossed in large letters. There are 6 other colors available and, aside from Sahara Brown which I don’t like too much, they look very nice.

The frame is made of zinc-alloy. This means that the Drag S Pro is not too heavy but it still has a nice weight to it. It feels solid when I hold it and the satin silver frame both looks and feels good. The design of the Drag S Pro, like the Drag X Pro, is very Voopoo and unmistakably a ‘Drag’ mod. It looks modern and fresh.

This is an internal battery mod so there is no battery door and no need for an external battery. The battery is 3000mAh which is a 400mAh increase over the old Drag S. At the bottom of the mod there are rubber feet that keep the Drag S from sliding around on your desk.

Moving on to the face of the Drag S Pro, you’ll find a circular fire button, a screen, two adjustment buttons, a switch, and a Type-C charging port. This circular fire button has become a signature of recent Voopoo mods and on the Drag S Pro it’s much the same as we’ve seen before. It’s concave and takes what I feel is the perfect amount of pressure to activate. The same goes for the adjustment buttons.

A new addition that I really like is the mode/power switch. By sliding the switch you can either lock/unlock the entire device (including the fire button), or turn the power on or off. What you want the switch to do can be chosen in the modes menu. I think the physical switch is a great addition. It just makes it quicker and easier to lock or unlock.

The screen is a full color TFT display. It’s bright, sports a high resolution, and it’s easy to read. This display is similar to the display on other Voopoo devices.

Up top there’s an airflow control dial that is knurled for aesthetics and to make adjustments easier. There are two airflow slots but this can be cut down to two pin holes if you want a MTL vape. It’s an odd airflow setup but I’ll discuss how well it does or doesn’t work later on.

The top of the Drag S Pro has two spring loaded, gold plated contacts. The pod attaches by way of magnets and it’s a firm connection with no chance of the pod accidentally coming detached.

As usual from Voopoo, the Drag S Pro is a mod with a nice design and equally nice build quality. I have to say, Voopoo has done a good job with this aspect of the Drag S Pro.

TPP X Pod Tank

  • Voopoo Drag X Pro TPP X Pod Tank 4

The new TPP X Pod tank comes with the Drag S Pro kit and it has a few nifty features that are really quite useful. The tank has a large 5.5ml capacity, the same capacity as the previous TPP Pod Tank, so it can hold a lot of ejuice. The satin silver finish on the tank matches the frame on the Drag S Pro and they pair together nicely. The drip tip is a black 810 that is removable and on the top of the top cap is a black translucent ring that says “Designed by Voopoo, Adapt TPP Coils”. 

I think that the previous TPP Tank actually looks better, but I don’t mind how this tank looks. Aside from the looks, the TPP X Tank has a few features that are an improvement from the TPP Tank. One feature is the fill method which is very unique. There’s a black button on the side of the tank which you have to push in and slide the top cap to the left (clockwise). This reveals the rubber bung for the fill port. This fill method makes it extremely unlikely that you will have any leaking from the fill port, even if the bung isn’t completely sealed. Innovative and interesting for certain!

The other improvement is that the tank is completely clear and free of any sort of tint. The tank also sits completely above the battery compartment and this leaves your remaining ejuice in full view.

The TPP X Pod tank is compatible with all of Voopoo’s TPP and coils. The kit comes with a TPP-DM1 0.15Ω Coil and a TPP-DM4 0.30Ω Coil, both DL coils, but there are higher resistance MTL coils available too.

Features & FunctionsVoopoo Drag S Pro UI

The Drag S Pro is a relatively high powered pod mod. It is meant to replace your single battery mod or pod vape with a convenient device that still delivers on performance. With that said, it has a few more modes and features than your average pod vape and it has a 3000mAh internal battery which is larger than most pod vapes too.

This pod mod can fire up to 80W and features Smart mode, RBA mode, and even TC mode (the software update has to be downloaded from Voopoo’s website here). 

Smart mode automatically adjusts the wattage and sets a maximum wattage output for each TPP coil that you use. This is helpful for new vapers who don’t know what wattage they should vape at with a particular coil as it will prevent the wattage from being set too high and burning the coil out. If you want to be free to set your wattage yourself then you can change to the RBA mode which allows you to set the wattage to anything you like.

The screen on the Drag S Pro is nice and the UI is attractive but a little cluttered. A large portion of the screen is taken up by a series of bars that fill up according to the length of your puff. Pretty much useless if you ask me. The screen real estate would have been better off without this crowding up the screen.

Holding both adjustment buttons takes you into the settings menu. Here you can change the function of the switch to turn the power on/off or to lock the entire device. You can also switch modes between Smart mode and RBA mode.

Drag S Pro Button Combinations

  • Power on or off: Press the fire button 5 times (or use the switch if you have it set).
  • Enter settings menu: Hold both adjustment buttons.
  • Clear puff counter: Hold the left adjustment button and power button.
  • Lock device: Slide the switch (default setting).

PerformanceVoopoo Drag S Pro 6

Two coils come with the Drag S Pro:

  • 1 x TPP-DM1 0.15Ω Coil
  • 1 x TPP-DM4 0.30Ω Coil

I used a few 6mg nicotine ejuices which ranged from 70VG to 80VG. Both of these coils are direct lung coils so I could not test out the MTL capabilities of the Drag S Pro and TPP X tank. This review will be focusing on the DL performance.

The DM1 coil is a 0.15Ω coil that is recommended to be used from 60-80W — right at the upper limit of the Drag S Pro’s output capabilities. This is great because it allowed me to test out how the Drag S Pro performs at its max output.

How did it perform? Swimmingly. It’s very warm at 80W and right at the line of being too hot, but it was still comfortable enough for me to vape on. Flavor at 80W is nice and I was puffing some good clouds too. The downside is that the battery drains quickly when you’re vaping at 80W, even with the 3000mAh battery capacity. Ejuice also gets used up at a fast rate so make sure to have that ejuice bottle on hand.

Interestingly, lowering the wattage down to 70W doesn’t change the flavor very much. It’s slightly less flavorful, but it’s a nice level of warmth and battery life is increased.

The DM4 coil is a 0.30Ω coil that is recommended to be used at 32-40W. In my experience, this coil performs best at 40W and the flavor is actually better than the 0.15Ω coil. It’s the perfect level of warmth and flavor. Unlocking the Drag S Pro into RBA mode lets you take this coil up to whatever wattage you like and I tested it out at 50W. It’s a hot vape here but it still performs well. I didn’t find the flavor to be any better than at 40W though so unless you like a hot vape, vaping at 40W is just as good for this coil.

The airflow control is something that I want to touch on. The included coils aren’t made for MTL vaping so if you want to get everything that you can out of the Drag S Pro, you will have to pick up some MTL coils. Even without the MTL Coils, I closed the airflow down to the pinholes and lowered the wattage on the 0.30Ω coil just to test it out. In all honesty, even with a coil meant for DTL vaping, it’s not a bad MTL experience. This coil could definitely be used for MTL vaping at 32W.

A big improvement with this tank is that there are no leaking issues. It seems that previous Voopoo tanks always had an issue with leaking (I’m looking at you, TPP Pod tank), but the bottom of these coils and my AFC stayed bone dry throughout my use.

The Drag S Pro itself is a well performing pod mod. It is able to accurately identify the resistance of the coil you’re using and then set the wattage limits appropriately. In general, this is great for newer vapers because it will let them vape without worry of if they’re vaping at the correct wattage. There’s enough other things to learn when you first start vaping and the important thing is not smoking cigarettes. 


I think that Voopoo has done a good job with the Drag S Pro. It’s an upgrade in a few ways from the Drag S with the larger battery capacity, increased wattage output up to 80W, and TPP X Pod tank. Not to mention the design is stunning and it’s just overall a really nice mod. The flavor from the TPP X Pod tank is excellent with the 0.30Ω coil and this makes the Drag S Pro a pod mod that I don’t mind using over my tank and mod setups.

If you have the original Drag S, the Drag S Pro is worth upgrading for. You get a larger battery, increased 80W and 8.5V outputs, a larger tank capacity, a fresher design, better MTL capabilities, and more.

Like the Drag X Pro, I think that this is one of those cases where the upgrade is definitely worth it. You get what is essentially an entirely redesigned device that better accomplishes what the pod mod segment is all about. I highly recommend that  you check out the Drag S Pro.


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Danielle Alhiraki

Danielle is Versed Vaper’s Senior Editor for Buyer’s Guides. In addition to looking after buyer’s guides, she writes hardware reviews as well as manages our review team. Danielle used to be a pack a day smoker but vaping changed her life for the better. Smoke-free since 2015, Danielle is a huge advocate for tobacco harm reduction and has made it her mission to help other smokers make the switch to vaping. Danielle has reviewed hundreds of vaping products since joining Versed Vaper in 2018. Generally, you'll find her watching Disney movies, binging television series, or showing people pictures of her cats.


  • I’ve had a drag s pro for about a month and it leaks a lot. It also will try to ignite without pushing the fire button. I purchased it on line from element vape, after 30 days you can’t return a defected item. Do anyone know of a quick fix.

    • I’ve had the a pro for about 6 months now, and only recently I’ve had it leak. What I seemingly found is for some reason the coil doesn’t seat just right, allowing it to leak when the mod ends up in certain positions. Usually if I replace the coil and make sure it seats well, it’s fine. Also if you slide the lock button to the right, it shouldn’t fire unless you pull air through the device. Hopefully this helps you!

    • Hi Arthur
      I was told a 30 day return policy but you have statutory rights if the product goes faulty.
      The company were pretty rude so I am taking them to the MCOL money claim on line which replaced the old County Court procedure.
      IMHO they will be forced to refund me as you cannot remove your statutory rights.
      Be interesting anyway.

  • bonsoir
    jai acheter la drag s pro et dites moi ya til une astuce pour aller au delas de 80watts? par exemple atteindre les 100 watts?

  • I am not very happy with my Drag PRO
    It leaks really bad
    I’ve tried changing coil and
    Keeping it upright
    What else can I do to make it stop leaking. Sometimes it’s like a half of pod leaks out all over.
    I see in other comments this is a common problem.
    Why can’t it be fixed ?

  • After exhausting ANY/ALL configurations of my Drag S to be this amazing, flavor producing vape -it’s with a heavy, truthful heart, I have to strongly disagree; ITS TERRIBLE when it comes to flavor. All the other aspects of this vape are accurately scored 10/10 but the flavor part is a biggie. And trust me, I was basically trying to trick my mind into believing “the flavor has to be there, it’s just me.” It’s not. It’s bland. I have 5-6 Voopoo vapes – compared to the older orig Vinci, Vince X & V Air this isn’t even comparable. . the Drag X is gear too. Sorry – I tried all coils, wattage, airflow, etc… flavor.