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VAPORESSO Target 80 Review: One of the Best Internal Battery Mods?




Vaporesso Target 80 4
Design — 8.0
Build Quality — 9.0
Features — 8.0
Performance — 9.0
Flavor — 8.0
Battery Life & Charging — 7.0



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VAPORESSO’s Target series has been full of great portable devices; there’s seemingly something for everyone. The Target Mini II Kit focused on MTL vapers, the Target PM30 appeased loose MTL vapers, and the Target PM80 brought competition to sub ohm tank and mod users.

The latest in the Target series, the Target 80, again focuses on satisfying direct lung vapers (you could even say that VAPORESSO is targeting them). It’s a compact, internal battery mod with a 510 connector and it comes with VAPORESSO’s GTX Pod Tank 26. This pod attaches to a 510 connector adapter, allowing you to use the Target 80 with this Pod tank, or with any 510 threaded tank of your choosing.

The Target 80 has a 3000mAh built-in battery, a 5-80W wattage output range, and it uses VAPORESSO’s AXON chipset. The GTX Pod Tank has a 5ml ejuice capacity and it’s compatible with all of VAPORESSO’s many GTX coils.

This kit was sent to me by VAPORESSO for the purpose of this review.

Box Contents

  • 1 x Target 80 Mod
  • 1 x GTX Pod Tank 26 (with 510 adapter)
  • 1 x GTX 0.2Ω Mesh Coil
  • 1 x GTX 0.3Ω Mesh Coil
  • 1 x Type-C USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 X Warranty Card


  • 130.9mm x 30.8mm x 38.3mm (with tank)
  • Internal 3000mAh Battery
  • 80W Max. Output
  • 0.96” TFT Screen
  • Replaceable Coils
  • 5ml Pod Capacity
  • Takes GTX Coils
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Type-C Charging

Design & Build Quality

  • Vaporesso Target 80 1

The general shape of the Target 80 is like many single battery mods. It is taller than it is wide or deep, but overall it’s on the smaller side for a mod. It’s not the smallest mod around, but it’s smaller than most mods and actually very light. The Target 80, with the tank attached, measures out to be 131mm tall, 30.8mm wide, and 38.3mm deep. It’s a pocketable size and it’s comfortable to use as well.

One feature that VAPORESSO stresses about the Target 80 is that it features a cage-like frame and triangular structure. This increases its durability and stability, while still keeping it light and compact. It’s also claimed to be 10X stronger than other mods when dropped from a height of 1.5M. 

The triangular, cage-like frame is clearly noticeable when looking at the Target 80 and it’s definitely different from the usual way a mod is constructed. Squeezing the Target 80 produces no flex whatsoever, even when I grip it and squeeze it as hard as I can. This mod feels sturdy and rigid, like it could take some tossing around. This solid construction is going to earn the Target 80 some points in the build quality department.

The frame is finished in a satin gunmetal paint that looks great. The part of the frame that goes down the back of the Target 80 has the word VAPORESSO subtly engraved into it; nice, lowkey branding. I prefer it this way as opposed to when the branding is shoved in your face every time you look at a mod.

The panels on each side of the Target 80 feature a raised diamond-like pattern that comes in 5 colors: red, grey, blue, black, or green. My personal favorite is the green, which is also the unit that I am using for this review, but I think that the panels look great in all 5 colors. It’s a different panel design and I appreciate that VAPORESSO took a chance and did something unique here, rather than going with resin or leather.

One design feature that stands out is the bronze ring around the 510 connector. It has an opening that allows you to put the Target 80 on a chain, or even on a key ring. I tried it out on a chain and honestly, even though it’s quite light for a mod it’s still a little too heavy for a chain. I can manage to wear it for a little bit, but after a while it just becomes uncomfortable. It’s definitely not a situation where you’ll find yourself forgetting that it’s around your neck. I can see this being useful for a leash though. If you tend to lose your vape then leashing it could be a helpful solution.

The 510 connector plate is solid and raised a few millimeters off the top of the mod. The GTX Pod Tank 26 sits perfectly flush with the 510 connector. Anything larger than a 26mm tank will overhang over the plate but not over the bronze ring that surrounds it. You can likely fit a 30mm tank on here before it overhangs off the sides of the Target 80.

There’s no battery door of course, as the Target 80 has an internal 3000mAh battery inside. The underside of the mod has your usual regulatory marks, a reminder not to throw it in the trash, and the words AXON CHIP and TARGET 80. There are also venting holes just in case the internal battery vents.

There’s a nice, full color 0.96” TFT screen on the front of the mod that is blended seamlessly under a glass faceplate. It’s clear and bright so I had no trouble reading it in direct sunlight. Directly above the screen is a round fire button and there are three adjustment buttons below the screen. All of these buttons feel great but, if I’m being picky, activate a little too easily. I would prefer if they took slightly more pressure to push but in any case, I haven’t encountered any accidental activation issues.

GTX Pod 26 Tank & Coils

  • Vaporesso GTX Pod Tank 26

The GTX Pod Tank 26 attaches magnetically to a 510 adapter, which then threads into the top of the Target 80 like any other tank. The magnets are strong and keep the pod securely in the adapter. This adapter has airflow slots so you can rotate the pod in the adapter to change the airflow. 

The GTX Pod Tank 26 has a 5ml ejuice capacity. It’s compatible with all of VAPORESSO’s GTX coils. This includes the RBA coil. VAPORESSO’s GTX line of coils is one of the largest, most varied coil lines out there right now so this gives plenty of options for resistances and even vaping style. However, the Pod Tank 26 seems best suited to direct lung or restricted direct lung vaping, so going with a coil of this nature is highly recommended for this tank.

The Target 80 comes with two GTX coils: a 0.20Ω mesh coil and a 0.30Ω mesh coil. These coils just push into the bottom of the pod, but they have to be in a certain orientation. You have to line up the circular sides of the coils with the circular indents and the flat sides of the coils facing out towards the ‘channel’ on the bottom of the pod. 

It sounds complicated but it’s easy. Once you see the bottom of the tank you’ll know exactly what I mean. You’ll know that you’ve put the coil in correctly when it sits flush with the magnets on the bottom of the pod.

The tank can be filled by removing the top cap to access the fill port. A quarter turn counter-clockwise is all it takes to remove the top cap. Underneath the top cap is lined with silicone to prevent leaking. When it’s on, this silicone makes a tight seal with the top of the pod and effectively seals off the fill port.

The fill port is like some of VAPORESSO’s other fill ports from other devices; it’s a silicone membrane that has an X cut into it. All you have to do is push your ejuice bottle nozzle into the membrane to fill up your ejuice. When you remove the nozzle, the membrane self-seals. It’s worked well during my use as I haven’t had any ejuice leaking out, even when I turn the tank upside down.

How to Use the Target 80Vaporesso Target 80 7

The Target 80 uses the AXON chipset. It can fire from 5-80W which makes it a good mid to high wattage device. It features a few modes, but it’s generally a simple and straightforward mod to use.

Rapidly pressing the fire button 5 times will turn the Target 80 on or off. From here, you’re greeted with the main UI which is well organized and easy to read.You have a battery life indicator with 5 individual bars, an indicator to tell you if ‘Smart Mode’ is on or off, a large wattage display, your selected mode, coil resistance, voltage, a puff counter, and puff timer.

Smart Mode automatically adjusts the wattage based on the coil that you’re using. When you insert a pod, it will set the wattage accordingly. This is really the only setting that can be turned on or off.

As for modes, the Target 80 has a few. It has F(t) mode, Pulse mode, Variable Wattage mode in soft, normal, and hard, Variable Voltage mode, and Bypass mode.

F(t) mode was first seen on the FORZ TX80 and it’s meant to change the output voltage and heating rate while you vape to better vaporize your ejuice and thus produce better flavor. This covers a wider temperature range while you vape and therefore it’s claimed to better vaporize eliquids. I didn’t find F(t) mode to be too different from the regular plain ol’ wattage mode, but I did feel that it made the draws a little smoother. I can’t say that the flavor is any better though and if it is, I didn’t notice.

Pulse mode works like wattage mode, except it pulses the wattage every 0.02S. This pulsing isn’t noticeable when you’re vaping but, like F(t) mode, I found that the draws are smoother. The temperature of the draws are actually a bit cooler too.

In order to change modes you have to hold down the bottommost adjustment button. Then you can use the other two adjustment buttons to cycle through the three default modes (F(t) mode, Pulse mode, and Variable Wattage Normal.

Pressing the bottommost adjustment button three times opens up a menu where you can also change to one of the three above mentioned modes, but you can also access the DIY Mode menu and a System Settings menu. The DIY menu lets you use Variable Wattage soft, normal, or hard. It also lets you use Variable Voltage mode or Bypass modes.

The System settings menu is pretty bare. You can reset to system defaults, toggle Smart mode on or off, view and clear your puff counter, or view your software version.

Overall, there’s enough modes here that the average vaper will have everything they need and it’s also not too complicated to use. Noticeably absent are temperature control modes so if that’s your mode of choice then you’ll have to look at another mod.

Target 80 Button Combinations

  • Press the fire button three times to turn the power on or off.
  • Press the power button three times to lock the adjustment buttons.
  • Hold the bottommost adjustment button to change modes.
  • Press the bottommost adjustment button three times to enter the settings menu

Battery LifeVaporesso Target 80 8

The battery is pretty large at 3000mAh but due to the low resistance of the included coils, battery life isn’t incredible but it is still good. I always vaped two full pods of ejuice with each coil before having to recharge. 

This was while using the 0.30ohm coil at 40W and the 0.20ohm coil at 55W. I vaped these coils somewhere in the middle of their recommended wattages so if you vape these coils at lower wattages you will see slightly better battery life. Vaping them at higher wattages will obviously lead to decreased battery life. Charging back up takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

PerformanceVaporesso Target 80 4

I tested out the included coils in most of the modes that the Target 80 offers; F(t) mode, Pulse mode, variable wattage modes, and variable voltage mode. For me, the best experience was in Pulse mode, followed closely by normal wattage mode. I used Pulse mode to come to my conclusions in this section.

The 0.20Ω mesh coil is rated for 45-60W. Using a 6mg regular ejuice it delivers great flavor at 55W. This is also the wattage that the Target 80 will default to if you have Smart Mode turned on. At this wattage I get a great mix of flavor, vapor, and warmth. With the airflow open it’s a beautiful direct lung vape with no restriction. Closing down the airflow a bit makes the draw more restricted but also much hotter. 

The 0.30Ω coil is rated for 32-45W. Again, using a 6mg regular ejuice, I got the best flavor at 40W. Not as good as the 0.20Ω coil but still delivers decent flavor. At the lower end of the wattage range around 32-35W it’s too cool of a vape for me and I found the flavor lacking. As you increase the wattage the flavor gets better. This coil is also a great direct lung vape that can be cut down to a restricted DL by closing the airflow.

I used 80VG, 70VG, and 50/50 ejuices without any issues of leaking, spit back, or dry hits. These coils handled them all perfectly.

As I mentioned above, Pulse mode seemed to bring out the best flavor and vaping experience with these coils. The Target 80 fires as soon as I press the fire button and it delivers reliable power all the way until it dies. My unit did not malfunction or otherwise misbehave at all while I used it. 


The Target 80 is another great mod from VAPORESSO. On its own the mod is a solid device that incorporates a bunch of different modes. The average vaper won’t need any more modes than what it has to offer. It’s quite easy to navigate and use too. The downsides are the lack of an in-depth menu, and the absence of temperature control modes. The charging times could also be shorter.

Paired with the 510 adapter and GTX Pod Tank 26, the Target 80 is an easy mod to pick up and just start using. The pod style tank makes changing coils and filling easy. Not to mention that you have access to the entire line of GTX coils so you’re bound to find a coil that will suit what you’re looking for.

Last but certainly not least, the design and build quality are excellent. A mod can perform as great as can be, but if it doesn’t at least look good then who’s going to want to use it? This isn’t an issue for the Target 80.

I can recommend this mod to new vapers, those who don’t use temperature control mode, and vapers who want a new mid range wattage mod.

Stay Versed people!


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