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Best HHC Vape Cartridges 2023

Experience mild and relaxing effects with these top HHC cartridges

HHC is a relatively new cannabinoid that has only recently started to appear in vape cartridges. However, the fact that some of the most respected and experienced hemp product brands are on board says a lot about the potential of this new cannabinoid.

Like CBD or THC, vaping HHC has several advantages over consuming it in gummies or tinctures. When HHC is vaporized, the active compounds are absorbed quicker and easier, meaning you feel the effects faster. There is also the potential for the hit to be more potent, meaning that you can use less and make a single cartridge last longer.

The range of available flavors and hemp strain combinations is growing all the time, even if there isn’t yet the same level of choice you have with THC or CBD vape cartridges. If you’re considering trying out HHC vaping, now is the perfect time.

Here is our pick of the best pre-filled HHC cartridges currently available, along with information on how to choose the right cart for you.

How we chose these HHC vape carts

We chose these products based on a number of factors, but prioritized our selection process according to safety, quality, transparency, and potency. Each product in this buying guide:

  • has been tried and tested by our team
  • is made by a company that provides proof of third-party lab testing
  • is proven through lab testing to contain the amount of HHC listed
  • is hemp derived and Farm Bill compliant
  • passes tests for pesticides, heavy metals, and molds
  • contains no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC

When selecting the products for this buying guide, we also considered the following factors:

  • potency
  • the company’s manufacturing process
  • natural and organic ingredients
  • brand reputation
  • processing facilities used in the production of the products
  • customer reviews
  • pricing

Best HHC Vape Cartridges

1st Place

TribeTokes Best HHC Cartridge 500x500


TribeTokes makes the cleanest, purest, and tastiest HHC vape cartridges around. They're made with 100% hemp-derived HHC distillate and only contain two ingredients: full spectrum distillate and plant-based terpenes. Their carts contain no additives, fillers, or cutting agents, and are third-party lab tested for safety. Their carts also contain no heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, mycotoxins, or vitamin E acetate. What they do contain is tasty and effective HHC that is available in 4 strains, including sativa, indica, and hybrid options.

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  • ~70% HHC content
  • Contains CBD, CBG, and CBN
  • 100% hemp-derived
  • Filled with a full gram of HHC distillate
  • 4 strains
  • No additives, fillers, or cutting agents
  • Third-party lab tested



If you want to ensure natural, clean, effective, and additive-free hemp-derived vape products, Tribe Tokes is a name that should always be at or close to the top of your list. We are always excited to see new products from one of the industry leaders, and the HHC line-up is no exception.

The Tribe Tokes HHC one-gram vape cartridges contain full spectrum HHC, combined and blended with natural CBD, CBG, THCv, and CBDv. These are all cannabinoids, and each is there for a specific benefit, from smoothing the hit to rounding out the flavor. It’s something that makes these HHC cartridges pretty unique among the currently available options.

There are four strains/flavors to choose from and they are all very much natural hemp flavors. Don’t expect fruit or sweet notes other than those produced by the included plant terpenes. Granddaddy Purp uses Indica, Mango Haze is for the Sativa fans, while both Blue Dream and Gelato use hybrid strains for a more balanced experience.

If you ever used vape cartridges from Tribe Tokes before you’ll already know that they are high-quality and designed to fit most 510-threaded vape pens batteries. The company also has its own battery range, which is definitely worth checking out.

View TribeTokes lab test results.

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  • ~95% HHC content
  • Less than 1% other cannabinoids
  • 100% hemp-derived
  • Filled with a full gram of HHC distillate
  • 6 strains
  • No additives, fillers, or cutting agents
  • Third-party lab tested



Binoid specializes in creating hemp consumables, from CBD gummies to Delta-8 THC disposables. So it is no surprise to see they have a range of HHC vape cartridges available and that they are being just as well received as their THC and CBD products.

Each HHC vape cartridge in their range contains at least 94% HHC, along with natural plant terpenes for flavor. There is a choice of Indica, Sativa, or hybrid hemp strains, but if you aren’t sure which you prefer, the labeling makes it easy to choose. If you’re looking for a warm, happy feeling, choose Sunset Sherbert. Want something for focus, pick the Lucid Blue.

The range isn’t huge, but it has clearly been put together by hemp experts and this is backed up by the dozens of glowing reviews from satisfied customers. We’re fairly certain that you will be able to find the perfect HHC vape experience among the ten or so flavor/strain combinations.

The cartridges all contain one gram/one ml of liquid in a glass tank, with a fairly standard flattened drip tip. They are designed to fit most vape pen batteries, with a 510 threaded connector. We have been happy to recommend Binoid’s other hemp-derived vape products in the recent past, and that continues with their HHC range. If you are looking for a clean HHC experience, there aren’t many brands better than Binoid.

View Binoid lab test results.


  • ~82% Cannabinoid content
  • CBN, Delta-8, HHC, & THC-O
  • 100% hemp-derived
  • Filled with a full gram of distillate
  • 3 strains
  • No additives, fillers, or cutting agents
  • Third-party lab tested



Although probably better known as a CBD brand, Koi has recently dipped its toes into the HHC vape cartridge water and we really love what we’re seeing so far! At the time of writing this buyer’s guide, there were only three flavors to choose from, but the choices will almost certainly expand as HHC becomes more popular among vapers.

Each flavor, which includes Cotton Candy Kush, Pink Cookies, and Strawberry Cough, uses a different hemp strain. You get to choose from the relaxing effects of Indica, the focused buzz of Sativa, or a more balanced mind-body experience of a hybrid strain. All of the hemp used is USA-grown, and Koi publishes the full certificate of analysis on their site for your peace of mind.

Where the Koi HHC cartridges differ from others is with the addition of THC-O alongside the naturally occurring Delta-8 THC. THC-O, if you’re not up to date on your new cannabinoids, is a man-made compound with similar effects to Delta-9 THC, but up to 3x stronger. It is only included in small amounts to keep these HHC cartridges on the right side of the law, but if the user reviews are anything to go by, it helps these carts hit pleasantly hard.

The cartridges themselves are all metal and glass, with a standard 510-threaded connector. Each contains one gram of liquid, which is vaporized using a high-quality ceramic coil. All fairly standard fare, but done with the touch of class we have come to expect from Koi products. We can’t wait to see where the company goes next with its HHC vape cartridge range.

Lab test results are available on the product page.


  • Varying Cannabinoid & HHC content
  • HHC, HXC, & HXC-P Cartridges
  • 100% hemp-derived
  • Filled with 2 grams of distillate
  • 8 strains (including HXC)
  • No additives, fillers, or cutting agents
  • Third-party lab tested



Say what you like about Delta Extrax, but they really know how to put flavors and interesting names together in their hemp-based products. Having used other Delta Extrax vape liquids in the past, we can tell you that they are brilliant at mixing expected and unexpected flavor notes. And all without completely losing the natural taste of the hemp.

Like many of the other brands in our list, there are only a few flavor/strain variations in the HHC range so far.  For lovers of Indica, there is Wedding Crasher, with vanilla and berry notes. Super Boof uses Sativa and brings sharper flavors of cherry and citrus fruits. You also have Platinum Cookies, which uses a hybrid strain and has a sweet, spicy flavor.

Their Honeyroot Extrax HHC vape cartridges are larger than any of the others on our list. Each contains two full grams of HHC distillate, combined with HHC-O and HHC-P, which are variations on the cannabinoid compound. They also include the expected plant terpenes, carefully selected for their flavor notes.

Despite having a larger tank than most HHC vape cartridges, they will work with most vaporizer pen batteries, as long as it has a 510 connector. The tank and fittings are glass and steel respectively, making the whole thing feel solid and protective of the all-important liquid inside. All in all, an interesting and flavorful option for HHC vaping.

Lab test results are available on the product page.

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  • ~95% HHC content
  • ~99% total cannabinoids
  • 100% hemp-derived
  • Filled with a full gram of HHC distillate
  • 2 strains
  • No PG, VG, or MCT
  • Third-party lab tested



Botany Farms is another brand taking small steps with HHC vape cartridges. As such, they only offer a couple of variations right now, but they are interesting ones, and not just because of the mouth-watering flavor profiles.

If you want to try the HHC vaping experience in its most pure form, these could be a perfect choice. Unlike most of the other cartridges in our list, the Botany Farms carts contain as much as 99.1% HHC. No added CBD, THC-O, or excessive flavoring here. HHC on its own doesn’t have much of a taste, so the remaining 1% is made up of natural plant terpenes, selected for their mix of flavor notes.

The two options they have available currently are Bubba Kush, which uses Indica and has notes of coffee and dark chocolate, and Sour Electra for those who prefer Sativa and a lighter, citrus taste. Compared to the Delta-8 THC range these guys offer, it may seem lacking in choice, but we have little doubt more blends will be added.

The cartridges contain a full gram of liquid and feature a glass tank and ceramic coil. The 510 threaded connector means that they will fit most vaporizer pens. The gold-colored base and mouthpiece give them a nice high-class look, even if connected to a basic battery. And even though it doesn’t do anything for the vaping experience, the attractive and well-designed packaging is a feature we really like.

View Botany Farms lab test results.


What to Look For When Buying HHC Cartridges

The HHC cartridges currently available are mainly pre-filled. The choice of flavors isn’t quite at the same level as CBD vape cartridges, but you can still find plenty to choose from. You can also buy HHC liquid refills and use almost any standard reusable CBD or THC cartridge.

Ingredients: Look for at least 95-99% HHC in the cartridge, although you can accept slightly less if it includes additional flavorings. Choose a cartridge that uses plant terpenes or other natural extracts to flavor the liquid. Some HHC cartridges promise zero THC, but if not they should contain no more than 0.3%.

Independent Lab Analysis: Any reputable cannabinoid retailer or brand will have an independent analysis done on the contents of their products. This information should be available on the website, allowing anyone purchasing the products to check what is in them. These tests even check for heavy metals such as lead. Independent testing is a sign that the brand cares about its hemp-derived products.

Brand Reputation: Trusting the brands you buy from is always important, but never more so than when buying things to put into your body. Even if you don’t have personal experience with a particular brand, customer reviews, ratings, and feedback are a good place to start. And, of course, the buying guides here at Versed Vaper will steer you in the right direction.

What is HHC?

HHC, or Hexahydrocannabinol, is one of more than a hundred cannabinoid compounds that can be derived from the hemp plant family. Just like the better-known THC, it occurs naturally in the plant, only in much smaller amounts.

Because it only appears in trace amounts naturally, the HHC found in vape cartridges is almost certainly produced in a lab. Although that might sound unsettling, the method used is not uncommon and is really the only cost-effective way of producing HHC in usable quantity.

HHC is created by adding Hydrogen molecules to the Delta-9 THC molecule. This is a process called Hydrogenation, which is also used in food production to convert vegetable oils into margarine and sandwich spreads. A benefit of producing HHC in this way is that the compound becomes much more stable and has a better shelf-life than the naturally-extracted version.

The chemical tweaking of THC into HHC was first achieved by chemist Roger Adams in 1944. But despite being around for 80 years, HHC is far less well-known than THC. It is also, in many ways, much less understood.

What Are the Effects of HHC, and Will it Get You High?

Like other cannabinoids, HHC works by interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain. Information about the effects of HHC is largely anecdotal, mainly because it hits people in different ways.

The strength of the HHC you can buy also varies, which makes pinning down specific effects difficult. As a general rule, it is likely to affect most people in the same way Delta-8 THC would. There is the potential to experience side effects, including:

  • Dizziness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Tiredness
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Red Eyes
  • Increased Appetite

Unlike CBD, which produces pleasant effects but doesn’t get you high, most users report a definite high when using HHC. This is particularly true when vaping HHC. Depending on the strain you choose, other cannabinoids it is mixed with, and how much you use, just how high it makes you feel will undoubtedly vary.

Is HHC Safe?

There haven’t been a lot of studies done on the potential dangers of HHC, but to date, there are no reports of serious risks of using this cannabinoid. As with any active hemp-derived product, you shouldn’t use it if you are pregnant or before driving/using heavy machinery.

Think of HHC like THC. If you feel THC is safe to use and vape, then you can probably think about HHC in the same way. Of course, if you use HHC in any form and experience any effects that concern you, stop immediately and consult a medical professional if they persist.

Will HHC Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Many drug tests are designed to look for 11-hydroxy-THC in your system. This is the substance the human body metabolizes Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10 THC into. HHC is not thought to be metabolized in the same way as THC, although that belief is far from certain.

The anecdotal evidence is all over the place on the subject, particularly when you take the different ways tests can be performed into consideration (hair samples, nail samples, etc.) Until there is clear evidence that HHC does not show up as 11-hydroxy-THC in tests, it is probably better to err on the side of caution.

If passing a drug test means keeping your freedom or even getting that great new job, it would be a good idea to avoid any cannabinoids for at least 14 days beforehand.

Is HHC Legal?

HHC in products like the ones we’ve listed in our roundup of the best HHC vape cartridges is legal because it contains only tiny amounts of delta-9 THC. It falls under the same law that covers CBD vape cartridges, oils, and many other hemp products: The 2018 Farm Bill.

The 2018 Farm Bill made any hemp-derived product federally legal to produce, purchase, and use, as long as it contains less than a maximum of 0.3% THC. So as long as you buy your HHC vape cartridges from a reputable retailer, you will stay within the law.

As HHC becomes more popular and its use spreads, lawmakers will almost certainly take a closer look at it. As we have seen with Delta-8 THC, individual states could prohibit or restrict the use of HHC, even if the federal government doesn’t. Most states currently allow its use, but it is worth double-checking the law where you live.

How To Use HHC Vape Cartridges

If you have ever used a Delta-8 THC or CBD vape cartridge, you shouldn’t have any problem. The method of fitting and using HHC vape cartridges is almost identical. But even if you have never used this type of vape cartridge before, the process is easy.

  1. Carefully remove the HHC vape cartridge from the packaging and gently shake it.
  2. Unscrew or pull off the cap that covers the 510 threaded screw at the bottom of the cartridge.
  3. Screw the cartridge gently but firmly into your compatible vape pen battery.
  4. Remove the silicone cap over the mouthpiece (if there is one), and take your first pull on the cart.

It is recommended, especially if you have never tried HHC vaping before, to take one or two small drags and wait 20-30 minutes. This will let you check how strong the hit is and how it affects you.

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