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Best RDTAs 2019 — For Flavor & Cloud Performance

Peerless RDTA

If you love the flavor of an RDA but hate dripping all the time, RDTAs may be the solution you’re looking for. Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers (RDTAs) are best described as a mix of an RDA and a refillable tank, and consist of a build deck and a tank reservoir.

With an RDTA, you build, wick, and mount your coils on the deck just as you would with an RDA. But instead of having to drip all of the time, with an RDTA you simply fill up the reservoir located underneath the tank and vape away.

Unlike RTAs that are typically taller, RDTAs have little space between the coil and the drip tip. This translates into more dense and flavorful hits, comparable to that of an RDA. For vapers looking to get a little more convenience out of their tank without sacrificing flavor, RDTAs are the way to go.

Best RDTAs 2019 for Flavor & Cloud Performance

For our list of the best RDTAs 2019, we’ve rounded up the best RDTAs currently available on the market. We’ve chosen these RDTAs based on their ease of use, build quality, flavor, and cloud production. So no matter which one you choose, you’re sure to get a great tank.

Wotofo Faris RDTAWotofo Faris Best RDTA

The Wotofo Faris RDTA is a beast. Sitting at 24mm in diameter this RDTA is extremely versatile and can be transformed into an RDA by removing the glass tank section. It can also be used for squonking by using the included BF squonk pin.

In addition to its versatility the Faris RDTA features a spacious postless build deck that is able to be used for both dual coil and single coil builds. There are four terminals on the build deck and your coils are secured by side screws for easy, hassle free building. For single coil builds, Wotofo have included two blocks to adjust the size of the wicking ports.

The Faris RDTA uses a nifty pocket hole airflow system that directs airflow to the bottom of the coils and then up and through them and to the mouthpiece. The way these airflow slots are positioned results in more flavorful vapor and also prevents leaking.


Limitless Mod Co. Prime RDTALimitless Mod Co. Prime Best RDTAs

The Prime RDTA by Limitless Mod Co. is another great RDTA on our list that garners high ratings from the vaping community. Measuring 26mm in diameter this tank has a 5ml ejuice capacity. From its stylish looks to its great flavor & cloud performance, the Prime RDTA is an all-around superb tank.

The build deck on the Prime RDTA is a horizontal two post design with single terminals. Your leads are side-secured via flathead screws and the deck is very user-friendly and easy to build on. Plus, to make it even more convenient, there are four wicking ports that make for super simple and natural wicking.

Airflow enters the top of the Prime RDTA through dual side airflow slots which can be adjusted by turning the knurled drip tip. This tank is top filled through a large fill port located on the build deck and can be plugged using the included ULTEM plug. The Limitless Mod Co Prime is a flavorful and easy to use RDTA that delivers some of the best flavor on the market and is perfect for vapers looking to blow large clouds.


Vapefly Galaxies MTL BF RDTAVapefly Galaxies Best RDTA

The Vapefly Galaxies is a 22mm diameter tank with a beautiful polished chassis. Made of durable stainless steel, the Vapefly Galaxies can take a beating and is capable of holding up to 2ml of ejuice in its reservoir. In addition, the top cap has a heat dissipating design to ensure that the drip tip doesn’t get too hot. You also get a BF 510 squonk pin included with the tank.

The deck on the Vapefly Galaxies is a two post, single terminal design. There are dual wicking ports and a spring loaded juice fill port designed to fit most droppers and e-juice bottles. There are also two overflow ports in the central column of the atomizer to rid the tank of excess juice in cases of over-squonking.\

Airflow on the Vapefly Galaxies is unique and features 6 levels of airflow control. This means that you can adjust the airflow for both airy draws or for a tight mouth to lung experience. There are also two hex screws that can be removed to draw more air into the coils. For its array of features and consistent performance, the Vapefly Galaxies rightfully lands a spot on our list of best RDTAs 2019.


Vandy Vape Pyro V2 RDTAVandy Vape Pyro V2

The Pyro V2 is a 24mm RDTA by Vandy Vape, and comes in a variety of beautiful finishes. The ridged design around the top cap is a nice touch, and adds a unique and interesting look to the Pyro V2. With a large 4ml tank located underneath the build deck, you can fill it and forget it (for a while at least). What’s cool about the Pyro V2 is that it comes with a bottom feeding squonk pin which is neat for experimenting with.

The Pyro V2 features a spacious, postless build deck with four terminals. The open design of the deck makes it easy to build on, and it’s a breeze to secure your leads. And the Pyro RDTA has a unique multi directional airflow that redirects air around the sides, and then up towards the chimney. Best used with dual coil builds, the Pyro V2 delivers incredible performance.  

The experience you get from the Pyro V2 RDTA is head and shoulders above the competition, and is our top pick for best RDTA 2019.


Oumier Wasp Nano RDTAWasp Nano RDTA

The Wasp Nano is a great RDA, and Oumier have taken all of its great features and created an RDTA. Available in either stainless steel or resin the Wasp Nano RDTA is compact, super easy to build on, and great to vape with.

The fully adjustable airflow on the Wasp Nano RDTA means that you can configure your draw exactly how you like. And while the capacity is a little small at only 2ml, the Wasp Nano is small and compact for incredible flavor. The tiny size helps to concentrate your draws, and really brings out the flavor in your ejuice.

Whether you’re experienced in the worlds of RDTAs or just starting out, the Wasp Nano RDTA is a great atomizer for anyone.



The Dejavu RDTA is an innovative tank designed by Adrian Lo Dejavu. This RDTA has a 2ml tank capacity, and a 24mm build deck that is a ton of fun to use. With 3 terminals per post, you can practically build anything you want on this deck. The Dejavu is extremely easy to build on, and makes loading up multiple coils hassle free.

The Dejavu has an innovative center spring filling system that prevents leaking. To fill, remove the top cap. Next, simply take your preferred bottle of ejuice, and insert the nozzle into the hole in the center of the RDTA. Now, fill away!  

The airflow is another high point of the Dejavu, and it delivers great flavor and vapor. So if you’re looking for a flavorful and practical RDTA, check out the DJV Dejavu RDTA.


THC Tauren RDTATHC Tauren Best RDTA

The THC Tauren is a surprisingly well built and well performing 24mm RDTA that will satiate users who are looking for the perfect restricted draw. The Tauren features 28 small airflow holes that lead directly to your coil for a tight and strong hit. Plus, the 3D airflow system ensures that you’ll be getting full and unrivaled flavor from this RDTA.

The deck on the Tauren is angled at 45° which makes it very easy to position and secure your coils. This positioning also results in the airflow passing straight through your coils for awesome flavor.

There are two large fill ports located on either side of the deck for conveniently filling and the Tauren will hold up to 2ml of ejuice in its tank. You also get a bottom feeding 510 squonk pin included with the Tauren for use with squonk mods. The THC Tauren is an RDTA that you should definitely give a chance; you won’t be disappointed.


Geekvape Medusa Reborn RDTAMedusa Reborn RDTA

With its low profile and all stainless steel construction, it’s easy to mistake the Medusa Reborn for an RDA. But hidden inside the 25mm stainless steel body, underneath the build deck, is a large 3.5ml ejuice reservoir. This can be filled to allow plenty of vaping time without having to rejuice.

The deck on the Medusa Reborn features two posts with four terminals, and can accommodate large and complex dual coil builds without a problem. The airflow on the Medusa Reborn is also superb thanks to the two mid-sized cutouts located on each side of the tank. The airflow holes are positioned to hit your coils perfectly, and can be adjusted to suit your preference.

Interestingly, the Medusa Reborn comes with a bottom-feeding 510 squonk pin for those of you who like squonking. However, we don’t see the point of using a squonk mod with an RDTA.


Geekvape Avocado 24mm RDTAAvocado RDTA

An oldie but a goodie, the Geekvape Avocado RDTA is a 24mm tank that is designed for convenience. With a large 5ml ejuice reservoir, you’ll practically forget about filling. However, when you do have to fill, the hinge filling system is extremely easy to use.

The deck on the Avocado is a dual post, quad terminal design that has plenty of space for large dual coil builds. The deck on the Avocado is super simple to build on, and even beginners should have no problem.

One of the things that makes the Avocado such a great RDTA is its airflow. The dual slotted airflow holes ensure that your coil is being hit with plenty of air, and this results in smooth and flavorful hits. The airflow is, of course, fully adjustable. The impressive performance of the Avocado means it remains as one of the best RDTAs— even in 2019.


What Is an RDTA?

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers (RDTAs) are best described as a mix of an RDA and a refillable tank, and consist of a build deck and a tank reservoir. This tank reservoir is typically located underneath the build deck, and will hold anywhere from 2.0-5.0ml+ of ejuice. When you build your coils on the deck, you place your wicks into the “wicking ports” that drop into the reservoir tank.  Whenever you tilt your device to take a draw, your cotton will be saturated by the ejuice in the tank.

Similar to an RDA, the coils on an RDTA are very close in proximity to your drip tip. This allows you to drip onto your coils if you choose. 

Why Use an RDTA?

With an RDTA, you don’t have to worry about dripping into your tank or remember to push on your squonk bottle. You simply fill your tank, and whenever you lift and tilt your device to take a draw, your wicks will saturate and provide juice for your coil to vaporize. Similar to RDAs, RDTAs keep your coils in very close proximity to the drip tip, and thus your mouth. This results in a more intense, dense, and flavorful vapor than if you were to use a refillable tank or even an RTA.

For many, the added convenience of a refillable tank is worth the small loss in flavor from not using an RDA.

Tips for Using an RDTA

  • Cut your wicks so that they just enter the top of the wick ports and tank. You want the juice to just barely touch the eliquid. When you vape, you’ll be tilting your device, and this will saturate your wicks.
  • Speaking of which.. Try tilting your tank a little more when you take a draw. This will help to better saturate your wicks, and keep your vaping experience dry hit free!
  • Make sure to comb out your cotton and fluff them up appropriately.
  • Position your coils so that the bottom and sides align with the airflow slots. This will result in a better, more flavorful vaping experience.

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