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Best RDTAs 2023: For Flavor & Cloud Performance

Get convenience without sacrificing flavor with these top RDTAs

If you love the flavor of an RDA but hate dripping all the time, RDTAs may be the solution you’re looking for. Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers (RDTAs) are best described as a mix of an RDA and a refillable tank, and consist of a build deck and a tank reservoir.

With an RDTA, you build, wick, and mount your coils on the deck just as you would with an RDA. But instead of having to drip all of the time, with an RDTA you simply fill up the reservoir located underneath the tank and vape away.

Unlike RTAs that are typically taller, RDTAs have little space between the coil and the drip tip. This translates into more dense and flavorful hits, comparable to that of an RDA. For vapers looking to get a little more convenience out of their tank without sacrificing flavor, RDTAs are the way to go.

For our list of the best RDTAs 2023, we’ve rounded up the best RDTAs currently available on the market. We’ve chosen these RDTAs based on their ease of use, build quality, flavor, and cloud production. So no matter which one you choose, you’re sure to get a great tank.

Best RDTAs 2023 for Flavor & Cloud Performance

1st Place

Wotofo Profile RDTA 500x500

Wotofo Profile RDTA

The Profile RDTA is a 25mm RDTA with a large 6.2ml tank. It uses new clapton-style mesh coils that deliver RDA level flavor and performance. It features honeycomb-style side airflow and the postless, clamp-style build deck is hassle free.

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Vandyvape Pyro V4 500x500

Vandy Vape Pyro V4


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Hellvape Helheim S30 500x500

Hellvape Helheim S30


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  • Dimensions: 52.7mm tall x Ø25mm 
  • Airflow: Adjustable side honeycomb airflow
  • Ejuice Capacity: 6.2ml
  • Build Deck: Single mesh coil, single wire coil, dual wire coils
  • Filling: Mid filling for RDTA / BF squonkable for RDA



The Wotofo Profile RDTA is the latest installment in the Profile series and it’s just as good as the RDA. It comes with new, innovative clapton mesh strips which were first seen in the Intake sub ohm tank.

It also utilizes stainless steel rods that transfer ejuice up to your cotton. This allows the Profile RDTA to still wick effectively — even with its massive 6.2ml reservoir. This extremely versatile tank can also be transformed into an RDA by removing the glass tank section.

The Profile RDTA is a phenomenal tank that delivers the intense flavor that vapers have come to expect from the Profile series and it does so without compromising anything. It features a spacious postless build deck that is able to be used for either mesh builds, dual coil builds, or single coil builds.

There are two clamp style posts on the build deck and your coils are secured by side screws for easy, hassle free building. For mesh coil builds, there’s a ceramic plate that pushes up against your cotton to ensure that it’s held snugly against the mesh.

The Profile RDTA features a honeycomb style airflow system. The way these airflow slots are positioned results in flavorful vapor and also prevents leaking. Fully open the airflow gives an airy, resistance free draw. But if you like a very restrictive DTL draw then you can close down the airflow completely. You can also adjust the airflow to anywhere in between.

The Profile RDTA and its clapton mesh strips just blow standard mesh out of the water. Once you try it, you won’t want to use anything other than clapton mesh.

Read our full review on the Wotofo Profile RDTA.


  • Dimensions: 37.45mm tall x Ø25.5mm 
  • Airflow: Double large airflow slot, side airflow
  • Ejuice Capacity: 5ml
  • Build Deck: Dual coil
  • Filling: One side fill port



The Pyro V4 is a 25.5mm RDTA by Vandy Vape that comes in a variety of beautiful finishes. It’s got a simple design but still has a modern and high-end appearance that looks great on any mod. Plus thanks to its stainless steel construction the Pyro V4 is a durable RDTA that can withstand drops without an issue.

The Pyro V4 features a spacious, postless build deck that has nineteen airflow holes located in the center of the deck and twelve airflow holes besides the coils. The Pyro V4 channels airflow through to these holes from two large side airflow slots while also channeling airflow directly to the coils. This airflow and deck setup makes air hit your coils from the bottom as well as the sides and this provides some of the best flavor possible from an RDTA.

The Pyro V4 fills via port located on the side of the deck. Just remove the top cap and fill the tank, which holds up to 5ml of ejuice. Dripping also works great because any excess ejuice will drain into the tank. The experience you get from the Pyro V4 RDTA is head and shoulders above the competition and is one of our top picks for best RDTA 2023.

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  • Dimensions: 67.75mm tall x Ø25mm 
  • Airflow:Double honeycomb airflow system, top side / bottom side
  • Ejuice Capacity: 12ml
  • Build Deck: Dual coil
  • Filling: Top fill with two fill ports



The Helheim S30 RDTA by Hellvape is another great RDTA on our list that, while new, has already garnered high ratings from the vaping community. From its refined looks to its great flavor & cloud performance, the Helheim S30 is an all-around superb tank.

Measuring 30mm in diameter, this tank is massive, and it has an equally massive 12ml ejuice capacity. This is one of the largest tank capacities of any RDTA, which means that you’ll spend less time dripping and more time vaping, while still getting RDA-level flavor. You also get a BF 510 squonk pin included in the package.

The postless dual coil build deck is elegant and simple. It’s very easy to build on and even easier to wick, thanks to the use of braided steel cables. 

These steel cables poke out of the bottom of the build deck and transport ejuice from the tank to your wicks. There’s no need to drape your cotton down into the tank section; simply leave your cotton touching the tops of the steel cables and you’re good to go.

The Helheim S30 features honeycomb top/side airflow, as well as bottom slotted airflow. The airflow adjustment possibilities are vast and this is sure to please tinkerers and those that love having a myriad of possibilities to make the airflow just perfect. 

This tank is top filled through two rather large holes below the top cap and bottom airflow control ring. There are two metal pins inside the top cap that slip into the filling holes to ensure a leak free vaping experience. 

The Helheim S30 produces intense flavor, it’s easy to build on, and it’s perfect for vapers looking to blow large clouds. Whether you want to squonk, drip, or just fill the tank and vape, this RDTA can do it all. The Helheim S30 is an all-around great and versatile RDTA.

Read our full review on the Hellvape Helheim S30.

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  • Dimensions: 51mm tall x Ø25mm 
  • Airflow: Dual large honeycomb-style
  • Ejuice Capacity: 5.5ml
  • Build Deck: Dual Coil/Single coil
  • Filling: One large top fill port



The THC Artemis II TC is a surprisingly well built and excellent performing 25mm dual coil RDTA. It’s made specifically for vapers who are looking for complete airflow control. Built with completely adjustable airflow, you can go from massive airflow to a more refined airflow, allowing you to get the draw to just how you want it.

The Artemis II TC features adjustable honeycomb-style side airflow, easily adjusted with a simple twist of the top cap. The side airflow goes directly to the build deck hitting both the sides and tops of your coils, while the stainless-steel wicking wire keeps your cotton wicks saturated with ejuice. This wicking style, combined with the direct airflow, delivers excellent flavor and clouds.

The Artemis II TC features a unique single screw clamping build deck, with two posts and four terminals. This unique design allows the device to be quite simple to build on, and can be built in both single and dual coil configurations.

The Artemis II TC can hold up to an impressive 5.5ml of ejuice in its tank reservoir and there is one large fill port located on the top of the deck for convenient, leak free filling.

The THC Artemis II TC is an RDTA that you should definitely give a chance; you won’t be disappointed.

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  • Dimensions: 59mm tall x Ø25mm 
  • Airflow: 20% bottom and 80% side airflow
  • Ejuice Capacity: 6ml/7ml
  • Build Deck: Single coil, dual coil, squonk pin included
  • Filling: Two large top fill ports



The Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V3 RDTA (that’s a mouthful!) is a 25mm tank that is designed to be extremely versatile. Using the included bubble glass and chimney extension, the Aromamizer Supreme V3 can hold up to 7ml of ejuice. It can also be converted into an RDA by removing the chimney completely.

A single coil deck comes pre-installed. The design of this deck provides a good mix of 20% bottom airflow and 80% side airflow for good clouds and great flavor. If you pick up the advanced kit you’ll also get a postless dual coil deck and a mesh deck as well. No matter which deck you use, they’re all simple to build on and even beginners will have no problem.

One of the things that makes the Aromamizer Supreme V3 such a great RDTA is its airflow. There are three rows of honeycomb airflow holes which are fully adjustable. You can use just one row, two rows, or all three rows depending on how much airflow you want. As a bonus, there is also a juice flow control ring for better control over your wicking.

The impressive features and versatility of the Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V3 make it one of the best RDTAs in 2023.

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What Is an RDTA?

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers (RDTAs) are best described as a mix of an RDA and a refillable tank, and consist of a build deck and a tank reservoir. This tank reservoir is typically located underneath the build deck, and will hold anywhere from 2.0-5.0ml+ of ejuice. When you build your coils on the deck, you place your wicks into the “wicking ports” that drop into the reservoir tank.  Whenever you tilt your device to take a draw, your cotton will be saturated by the ejuice in the tank.

Similar to an RDA, the coils on an RDTA are very close in proximity to your drip tip. This allows you to drip onto your coils if you choose. 

Why Use an RDTA?

With an RDTA, you don’t have to worry about dripping into your tank or remember to push on your squonk bottle. You simply fill your tank, and whenever you lift and tilt your device to take a draw, your wicks will saturate and provide juice for your coil to vaporize. Similar to RDAs, RDTAs keep your coils in very close proximity to the drip tip, and thus your mouth. This results in a more intense, dense, and flavorful vapor than if you were to use a refillable tank or even an RTA.

For many, the added convenience of a refillable tank is worth the small loss in flavor from not using an RDA.

Tips for Using an RDTA

  • Cut your wicks so that they just enter the top of the wick ports and tank. You want the juice to just barely touch the eliquid. When you vape, you’ll be tilting your device, and this will saturate your wicks.
  • Speaking of which.. Try tilting your tank a little more when you take a draw. This will help to better saturate your wicks, and keep your vaping experience dry hit free!
  • Make sure to comb out your cotton and fluff them up appropriately.
  • Position your coils so that the bottom and sides align with the airflow slots. This will result in a better, more flavorful vaping experience.

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