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Freeton DV1 & DV2 Disposable Review: Are They Worth The Purchase?

Freeton DV1 & DV2 Disposables



Freeton DV2
Design — 9.0
Build Quality — 9.0
Flavors — 9.0
Performance — 9.0



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Freeton is a vaping manufacturer that mainly produces disposable vapes and the variety of their products is impressive. No matter what type of disposable you’re looking for, whether that’s small and easily pocketable, or large with enough ejuice to last you a week, they likely have something that will suit you. 

At the moment, Freeton makes 7 different disposable vapes. I’m going to be reviewing two of them today: their DV1 disposable and their DV2 disposable. The DV1 is unique, but also a bit strange looking because it’s shaped like a small pipe. It can deliver up to 1200 puffs with its 4ml ejuice capacity and comes in 5 different flavors.

The DV2 is more like the disposables that I’m used to seeing, but it’s still not a ‘standard’ disposable by any means. The DV2 sits in the same category as the Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max and Posh Plus XL with its large size and 7ml ejuice capacity that will deliver up to 2500 puffs. It’s available in 10 different flavors.

With the disposable market as saturated as it is, is it worth giving Freeton’s disposables a try?

These disposables were sent to me directly by Freeton for the purpose of this review.


Freeton DV1

  • 97.66m x 53.20mm x 22.7mm
  • Prefilled with 4ml of Ejuice
  • 1.4Ω Coil Resistance
  • 2% or 5% Nicotine Salt Strength
  • LED Puff Indicator
  • 500mAh Battery (Up to 1200 Puffs)
  • 5 Flavors

Freeton DV2

  • 108.21m x 21.1mm x 21.1mm
  • Prefilled with 7ml of Ejuice
  • 1.4Ω Coil Resistance
  • 2% or 5% Nicotine Salt Strength
  • LED Puff Indicator
  • 1100mAh Battery (Up to 2500 Puffs)
  • 10 Flavors

Design & Build Quality

Freeton DV1

  • Freeton DV1 Disposable

The DV1 is an odd little disposable that is unlike anything I have ever seen before. The pipe shape is certainly interesting, if not a little weird, but I always got comments from people wondering just what the heck was in my mouth. It’s a conversation starter for sure.

Considering the odd shape, the DV1 is still very pocketable. It’s 97.66mm x 53.20mm x 22.7mm but it honestly feels much smaller due to the pipe shaped design. It’s not very heavy either and I can hold it in my mouth just like a real pipe. I feel oldschool with the DV1.

The body is made of a thin, lightweight stainless steel tube and each flavor sports a unique color that makes it easy to identify them. The 5 flavors each feature their own brightly colored shell. Despite the lightweight construction, they don’t feel too bad and the build quality is rather good.

The drip tips on these are nicely styled and comfortable to haul on. On the other end is the large black ‘bowl’ section of these pipe disposables. It lights up red with the Freeton logo each time that you take a draw and really adds to the effect that you are smoking an actual pipe.

As for specifications, the DV1 uses a 1.4Ω coil and packs a 500mAh battery. It comes prefilled with 4ml of ejuice in either 2% or 5% nicotine salt strength that should be good for up to 1200 puffs.

Freeton DV2

  • Freeton DV2

The DV2 is more of a standard disposable vape that is similar in shape to others that I have used in the past. It’s a disposable like the Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max and Posh Plus XL that is made to last much longer than a typical disposable — up to 2500 puffs from the 7ml of ejuice inside. As a result, the DV2 is much bigger and fatter than your usual disposables that come with only 1-2ml of ejuice prefilled. 

That’s not to say that it’s too big though. While it is chunky, it’s only just taller than most other disposables at 108.21mm tall. Freeton markets the DV2 as the “world first reuleaux triangle disposable” and, while that is probably correct, it’s a funny thing to market. I actually found the shape to be very comfortable though and the rounded triangle shape keeps it from rolling off of my desk; something that tube shaped disposables tend to do.

Each DV2 is finished in a soft touch coating that both feels and looks excellent. Like the DV1, each flavor sports its own bright and vibrant color that makes it quite easy to tell them apart. The pineapple and banana ice look similar, but the shade of yellow is different enough that I always knew which one I was picking up without having to read the flavor printed on the front.

The drip tip on the DV2 is even comfier than the DV1. It’s made of a glossy black plastic and molded with nice curves. The mouthpiece opening is wide and thick which makes me feel like I’m vaping on something much more substantial than a disposable. I actually felt like I was using a pod vape most of the time rather than a disposable. This speaks boatloads to the quality and experience of using the DV2.

Inside is a 1.4Ω coil and a 1100mAh battery which, as I mentioned previously, should be good for up to 2500 puffs. Just like the DV1, you can get the DV2 in either 2% or 5% nicotine salt strength.

The overall feel of these DV2 disposables is top notch and the build quality is similarly high. Although Freeton are a lesser known brand, their offerings seem to be of equally high quality as other top disposable brands in the game.

FlavorsFreeton DV2 Disposable 2

Freeton’s DV1 disposables come in 5 flavors and their DV2 disposables come in 10 flavors. The flavors are shared between the two, meaning that the 5 flavors from the DV1 are also available in the DV2. The flavors are all ice/mint so if that’s not your cup of tea, you can probably stop reading here.

For this review Freeton sent me over all 10 of the available flavors. I will do my best to explain the flavor profiles and how each one tastes, but keep in mind that taste is subjective. Something that I like you may not like, and vice versa.

Banana Ice

This is a banana flavor that does not disappoint! I’ve tried a few in the past that were way too light with the flavoring but this one is not like that at all. It’s a strong banana flavor that is reminiscent of those banana Runts candies. It has a candied taste with a medium hit of cooling to go along with it. If you’ve been looking for a good banana flavored disposable, I can easily recommend this one.

Pineapple Ice

This flavor is the opposite of the Banana Ice. It’s light and wafty with strong cooling that only makes it even harder to taste the pineapple. While I can taste it, it’s barely there and I have to really concentrate to make out the flavor. The little that I can make out tastes like it would be a good pineapple flavor but it needs to be stronger.

Mango Ice

This is a generally good mango flavor. It’s tasty and strong but not too overbearing. The ice is also very strong but I think that it compliments the flavor and doesn’t diminish the mango at all. I feel very tropical vaping on this and feel like I should be on a beach in the Carribean somewhere enjoying a cocktail with it. Nice.

Orange Ice

This is like vaping on orange soda mixed with a sweet orange candy. I can almost taste the carbonation. I’ve been addicted to this flavor since I tried it and haven’t wanted to put it down. The ice component here is light to medium which suits the flavor profile nicely. 

Cantaloupe Ice

I don’t know about you, but personally I love cantaloupe. Just like the fruit, this flavor has a mellow almost watery taste but at the same time remains tasty and sweet. The flavoring isn’t light, it’s actually strong, but cantaloupe has a naturally light flavor that is perfectly recreated in this disposable. The cooling is basically non-existent but it’s still discernible if you’re sensitive to it. This is one of my favorite flavors of the lot.

Guava Mint

Guava Mint is a pretty good flavor, but something about the guava is off. Although guava does  have a flowery taste, this tastes almost too floral. It’s extremely sweet to the point that I can’t vape it more than a few puffs at a time. So while I don’t think that the flavor is bad, the floral notes and sweetness need to be turned down a couple notches.


Ah, how descriptively named. I’m not exactly sure what the flavor profile is but it’s not bad at all. It’s sweet and sugary and definitely tastes like some sort of candy. Maybe cotton candy? This is the flavor with the least amount of menthol, although you will still be able to taste it if you’re sensitive to cooling. 

Strawberry Ice

I think that this is one of the best strawberry flavors that I have had. It’s a slightly candied strawberry with a creamy texture and afternote. It’s very well balanced to be pleasant but not sickeningly sweet so I can vape on this all day long. The cooling in this disposable is low to medium in strength. This is another one of my favorite flavors of the bunch.

Grape Ice

I found grape ice to be like ‘Orange Ice’. It tastes most like a grape soda but the carbonation effect is not present like it is in Orange Ice. It’s a superb grape flavor that is very flavorful and addictively good. Anybody who likes grape soda will definitely like this. The cooling is well suited to the flavor, coming in at a medium-strong level and mostly present on the exhale.

Lush Ice

Last but not least, we have one of the most popular disposable flavors of all time, Lush Ice! This is a flavor that is a signature staple in any brand’s disposable lineup so it’s imperative to get it right. Well, I think Freeton did a good job. The watermelon tastes natural and is light enough that the sweetness doesn’t overwhelm you. A light menthol balances the whole flavor out. The menthol isn’t as strong as the Lush Ice from some other brands, but I think that I like it even better this way.

How Do They Vape?Freeton DV1 Disposable 6

Freeton’s disposables come in either 2% or 5% nicotine salt strength. I was sent all of my review disposables in 5% strength. What I found is that these hit quite a bit harder than other 5% disposables with vapor that is thicker, and a throat hit that is noticeably stronger. The DV1 and DV2 hit nearly identically.

As a heavy vaper, I didn’t think that I would have to ever get used to a vape again but these proved me wrong. It took a good day of puffing on these before I really got used to the heavy draw but after that it was smooth sailing. If you’re a vaper that has tried 5% or even 6% disposables and found that the draw wasn’t satisfying enough, I would suggest that you try these out.

After 2 weeks of using these, I haven’t had an issue with any of my units. They’re all still going strong and working as they did on the first day. 

The draw activation is finely tuned and activates without too much effort. The draw on the DV2 is a medium to tight mouth to lung that pairs well with the thick and heavy vapor to give a very satisfying throat hit and draw. The DV1 is slightly looser but still hits more or less the same.


Compared to other disposables on the market, Freeton’s offerings are some of the best disposables for what these were actually created for; that is to help smokers make the switch. 

The heavy draw and throat hit will appease those who have tried to switch in the past, but who didn’t find that they got what they were looking for out of their vape. However, this also means that casual vapers or those just looking for something that they can easily take with them out of the house will have to get used to the more powerful draw.

For the  most part, the flavors are excellent. I didn’t like a few of them, but I thoroughly enjoyed the others. Remember, what I liked you may not and you may like something that I didn’t. Generally though, if you like menthol, I think that there’s at least one flavor there that you will like. 

One last point I would like to make is on the DV1 vs the DV2. The DV1 is odd looking for sure, but it’s a capable disposable. I’m not a huge fan of the pipe design but it is a conversation starter. The DV2 is more to my liking and I think that it will be more to most people’s liking as well.

I have to say that Freeton did a good job with these. So are they worth the purchase? For menthol lovers, definitely!


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