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Horizontech Adamats Pod Kit Review: Is It as Flavorful as the Falcon Tanks?

Horizontech Adamats



Horizontech Adamats Side View
Design — 7.5
Build Quality — 7.5
Pod & Coils — 7.5
Performance — 8.0
Flavor — 8.0
Battery Life — 8.5



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The Adamats is a new vaping device from Horizontech, the makers of the Falcon King and Falcon 2 tanks. It’s a small pod vape that uses replaceable pods with built-in coils and it has a 930mAh built-in battery.  The pods use the same wood pulp and cotton wicks as the Falcon coils so I’m interested to see how they’ll perform.

Is the Adamats as flavorful as the Falcon tanks?

Box ContentsHorizontech Adamats Box Contents

  • 1 x Adamats pod kit (1.0ohm pre-installed)
  • 1 x 0.6ohm replacement pod
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warranty card


  • 84.5mm x 38mm x 17.3mm
  • Metal & Plastic Construction
  • 930 mAh Battery
  • 3.5ml Pod Capacity
  • 23W Maximum Wattage
  • Micro-USB Charging

Quick Run DownHorizontech Adamats Front

The Adamats is a pod vape that uses pods that have the coils built-in. It comes with two pods: a 1.0ohm MTL pod and a 0.6ohm DTL pod. 

The Adamats doesn’t have adjustable airflow. However, each pod will provide a different draw. The 1.0ohm pod is a loose MTL draw while the 0.6ohm pod is an airier DTL draw. Each pod holds 3.5ml of eliquid.

Each pod will also fire at a different wattage. The Adamats fires at 23W with the 0.6ohm coil and at 13.5W with the 1.0ohm coil. There’s nothing to fiddle with and no wattage adjustment; simply press the fire button to vape.

It has a 930mAh built-in battery and charges through a Micro-USB port.

Design & Build QualityHorizontech Adamats Side View

The Adamats has a unique diamond-inspired design that stands out from other pod vapes. There are multiple facets on each side of the body and with the pod attached it has a diamond shape to it as well. It’s unique for sure but I don’t love the look. While I don’t think that it’s necessarily ugly, I think that a simpler design would have been better.

This is a rather small and compact pod vape. It’s 84.5mm tall, 38mm wide and 17.3mm thick which isn’t large at all. It fits nicely in my hand and slips easily into a pocket or bag. It has a decent weight to it but it isn’t heavy. 

I was sent the ‘Fluorescent Orange’ Adamats and the paint is bright, clean and smooth. The Adamats is also available in white, black, red or blue. On the front of the Adamats is a fire button that looks like a diamond. It’s firm and there’s no rattle but, in my opinion, it looks tacky. 

Overall, the build quality on the Adamats is solid. The design isn’t for me but that’s purely my own opinion. You can take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself whether you like the look or not.


  • Horizontech Adamats Pods

The Adamats uses pods that have the coils built-in. It comes with two pods: a 1.0ohm MTL pod and a 0.6ohm DTL pod. While there’s no adjustable airflow, each pod provides a different type of draw. The 1.0ohm pod is a loose MTL while the 0.6ohm pod is an airier DTL draw.

There’s also no wattage adjustment on the Adamats but each pod fires at a different wattage. The 1.0ohm pod fires at 13.5W and the 0.6ohm pod fires at 23W.

The pods use the same woold pulp and cotton wicks as the coils for the Falcon tanks. It’s hard to tell a difference just from the wicking but these pods do seem to wick a bit faster than other cotton coils.

The pods have a slight tint to them but it’s still easy to see your ejuice level inside. These pods hold up to 3.5ml of eliquid. The pod attaches magnetically to the device and stays seated quite firmly; it’s not going to fall out accidentally. However, there is some front-to-back wiggle if you try pushing the pod around.

To fill, there’s a small silicone plug that pulls out of the bottom of the pod. It’s not attached to the pod in any way and it’s quite small so I had to be careful not to lose it. Filling the pod is quick and easy.

Battery & ChargingHorizontech Adamats Back

There’s a 930mAh battery built into the Adamats and it recharges using micro-USB. I’m really happy with the battery life I’ve been getting, especially when using the 1.0ohm pod. I’ve been averaging 3 pods of ejuice when using the 1.0ohm pod and that’s over 3 days of use. 

When using the 0.6ohm pod the battery life is still good but understandably shorter than the other pod. I got around two full pods of ejuice which is about 2 days of use. Awesome for a 930mAh battery, no doubt.

There’s an LED at the base of the device that lights up to show your battery level. There are three colors:

White: Full (4.2V – 3.9V)

Blue: Medium (3.9V – 3.6V)

Red: Low (Under 3.6V)

Recharging the Adamats is quick. It takes only 45 minutes to fully charge


I mentioned earlier that the pods for the Adamats use the same wood pulp and cotton wicks that are used for Horizontech’s Falcon coils. The Falcon tanks are some of the best sub ohm tanks available and a large part of their great flavor can be attributed to the coils. So does the Adamats provide flavor that’s just as good?

In short, no. As much as I hoped that it would, there’s no comparison between a legit sub ohm tank like the Falcon King and the Adamats. But is the flavor bad? No, not at all. The flavor is actually very good for a pod device, especially the 0.6ohm mesh coil pod. I used a 60VG regular nicotine ejuice for this pod and the clouds are huge, something I didn’t expect. The warmth of the vapor is also just right. Not too hot but pleasantly warm.

The 1.0ohm pod is similar in flavor but with less clouds. It’s a decent MTL draw, if not a little loose, and the warmth is perfect. I vaped a 70VG nicotine salt ejuice with this pod and it vaped swimmingly. Smooth but with a nice throat hit.

Both pods never leaked. I had some condensation on the base of the pod but that’s by all means normal. 


Should you get the Adamats? There are some cons to this pod kit but they’re greatly outweighed by the pros. The bad: odd design, no adjustable airflow or adjustable wattage. The good: awesome flavor, each pod gives a different draw, and the wattage output is appropriate for each pod. 

If you like a tight MTL draw, the 1.0ohm pod isn’t going to deliver so this isn’t a good choice. However, if you like a DTL draw or a loose MTL with your pod vapes , this could be what you’re looking for.


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