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Juice Head Ejuice Review: Regular Nic & Nic Salt Ejuices Put To The Test

Juice Head is a brand of ejuice that has been popular among vapers for a long while now. They carry 6 flavors, all of which are dual fruit mixes like blueberry lemon and watermelon lime. They have 3 lines of ejuices, all available in the same 6 flavors: regular nicotine ejuices, salt nicotine ejuices, and regular nicotine ejuices with menthol. 

Their regular nicotine ejuices are available in 0/3/ 6mg nicotine strengths, and their nicotine salts in 25/50mg nicotine strengths. 

Considering the popularity of their ejuices, they must be doing something right. Right? I’ve heard that their ejuices are very sweet by some, and that they are perfect by others. What’s the truth? Do Juice Head’s ejuices live up to the hype?

Juice Head ejuices

Juice Head Ejuice 1

For this review I was sent all 6 of Juice Head’s flavors in both regular nicotine and nicotine salt ejuices. The regular Juice Head ejuices that I received are in 6mg, and the nicotine salts are in 25mg. The flavors are the same between the regular and nicotine salt ejuices, however their regular ejuices are 70VG while their nic salts are 60VG. Their flavors are:

  • Peach Pear
  • Blueberry Lemon
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Watermelon Lime
  • Pineapple Grapefruit
  • Guava Peach

Peach Pear

JuiceHead Peach PearThis is a very balanced flavor with nearly equal parts peach and pear, but the pear comes through a little more. I taste both fruit flavors simultaneously, with each hitting my taste buds repeatedly throughout the inhale and exhale. This one isn’t too sweet, even in my RDA. I taste the peach more on the inhale, while the exhale has more pear to it.

Blueberry Lemon

JuiceHead Blueberry LemonThis is an interesting flavor. Neither the blueberry or the lemon is particularly standout, but they mix together to form a unique flavor that I really enjoy. I begin to taste the blueberry, but then the flavor is cut short by a subtle taste of lemon. This is what I imagine the resulting fruit of an actual blueberry plant crossed with a lemon tree would taste like. 

Strawberry Kiwi

JuiceHead Strawberry KiwiStrawberry Kiwi is not a new flavor by any means. Juice Head hasn’t done anything radically different to differentiate this flavor from other strawberry and kiwi mixes out there but it is a tasty flavor. Kiwi is a little more prominent in the flavor profile than strawberry, so that’s a reason to grab this one if you like kiwi flavors.

Watermelon Lime

JuiceHead Watermelon LimeLike blueberry lemon, this is an interesting and unique flavor. I think that it’s actually the best one out of their whole line up. You get watermelon on the inhale with a nice touch of lime that comes through afterwards and through the exhale to really round it all out. It’s sweet but I can vape this all day.

Pineapple Grapefruit

JuiceHead Pineapple GrapefruitThis isn’t a flavor mix that you see very often. In fact, I think this is the first time that I’ve vaped on a pineapple and grapefruit ejuice. This flavor is mainly pineapple on the inhale and the exhale, but a subtle grapefruit flavor comes through midway through the vape that adds an extra something to the flavor. Grapefruit is a hard flavor to nail, but it’s done well in this ejuice.

Guava Peach

JuiceHead Guava PeachGuava and peach make a great combo. The flowery taste of guava is the main flavor in this ejuice. I tasted the two distinct fruit flavors here; guava on the inhale, peach on the exhale. This is a runner up for my favorite flavor because it’s a little different than your “standard” fruit flavor. 

How do they vape?

Juice Head Ejuice 2I tested the regular nicotine ejuices in my Profile PS dual mesh RDA, and their nicotine salts in my Caliburn G2. Both types of ejuices vaped similarly and tasted nearly the same in my RDA and pod vape, but in the RDA they delivered a more pronounced flavor.

I’ve seen people say that these ejuices are too sweet, but I don’t think so. They are sweet, there’s no doubt about that, but I didn’t find them sickeningly sugary or too sweet to vape all day. However, they are hard on coils. These ejuices tended to burn out my coils quicker than other, less sweet ejuices, resulting in more cotton changes on my RDA and more swapped coils on my G2. 

Will this make me stop using these ejuices? No way! The flavors are really tasty and worth the shortened coil life in my opinion. I vape for the nicotine, but I also vape because I like the taste. I’m going to finish these ejuices and then I’m probably going to get some more too.

I like that their regular nic ejuices are 70VG and their nic salts are 60VG. This gave good clouds on my RDA, but good wicking with my pod vape without being too thin that they leak.


Juice Head’s ejuices are very tasty and they deliver flavor that is above average from what I’m used to. Both their regular nicotine and nicotine salt ejuices vape perfectly when used with the right device and didn’t give me wicking or leaking issues. However, they are hard on coils and I found that my coils gunked up and lost flavor quicker than when I used less sweetener-heavy ejuices. I think that the flavor is worth it though because they just taste that good.

Whether you’re a tank and mod vaper or a pod vape user, I can see any of their 6 flavors being a good all day vape. Have you tried Juice Head’s ejuices? Leave a comment with your thoughts down below!


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  • I’ve used 2 of these flavors from this brand and they burnt my mesh coils within a week and a half. Other juices would last me 3 or even 4 weeks for 1 coil tsk tsk

    • what liquid do you use that coils last that much longer one. I love juice head liquid and have actually had not much trouble with coils except on the blueberry/lemon. Peach pear and guava peach I was able to finish the bottle with one coil in my GV Z Max tank. I do usually prefer less sweet juice so I’m curious as to what’s your favorites

  • I’ve only tried this brand once, and I’m looking at it now in fact. I’m trying to find out what is wrong with it!

    I got it to refill an Elf bar, and it has zero flavor in it. I figured maybe it’s the Elf bar, I broke out the old Kangertech Aerotank Mega, put in a 1.8 ohm dual coils, I read to go higher ohm’s with nic salts or you get too much nicotine, I have some 1.5 ohm for it, but I don’t want to waste more coils. I tried setting the battery to 3.2v, 3.6v, 4v, 4.4v, 4.8v and everything between them trying to see if there was a good power setting to burn it at.

    Anyway same zero flavor.