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Solace Salts Ejuice Review: A Full Line of Tasty & Satisfying Nic Salts

Solace Salts is a line of nicotine salt ejuices that is manufactured by Solace Vapor. These have long been called some of the best nic salt ejuices by vapers in the community and as a result, Solace has grown one of the largest followings of any ejuice manufacturer.

Solace Vapor offers 19 flavors in their nic salt line. These are mostly straight fruit flavors but they also have a few fruit and menthol combinations, a pure mint flavor, two tobacco flavors, and a flavorless ejuice. These each come in 30ml bottles and are available in 18, 36, or 48mg/ml nicotine strengths. 

Do Solace Salts live up to the hype?

These ejuices were sent to me directly from Solace Vapor for the purpose of this review.

About Solace VaporSolace Salts 1

Solace Vapor was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing the highest quality ejuices on the market. Fast forward to today and Solace Vapor are one of the most reputable and most beloved ejuice manufacturers in the game. How did they do it?

For one, they didn’t cheap out and chose to invest in their ingredients. Instead of settling for subpar ingredients like some cheap ejuice manufacturers, Solace Vapor chose to spend the extra money to ensure that the ingredients they use in their ejuices are top-shelf. 

In addition to investing in better ingredients, they also invested in their processes and focused on providing an excellent customer experience. 

When you put all of this together, it’s no wonder that Solace Vapor has become as popular as they are. I, for one, can definitely taste the difference between a cheap ejuice and a premium ejuice and I’m sure that many of you more avid vapers out there can say the same.

Moral of the store here? Don’t cheap out if you want to be the best in the game. You have to put in 110% effort and that’s exactly what Solace has done.

Solace Salts

For this review I was sent eight of the Solace Salts lineup. I received these in 36mg/ml nicotine salt strength and they’re all a 50/50 VG/PG mix. For the best results and most accurate flavor reproduction, I’ve been testing these in a few of the most highly rated pod vapes and nicotine salt vapes

Juiced AppleSolace Salts Juiced Apple

This is a good, mildly sweet apple flavor with a natural taste. It’s just the right amount of sweet and very tasty. I’m a big lover of apple flavored ejuices and I can see this being my go-to apple nic salt ejuice. Fruit ejuice lovers should give this one a try!

Blue Raspberry Lemonade IceSolace Salts Blue Raspberry Lemonade

There’s a lot of menthol in this flavor but not enough fruit/lemonade. If you’re a menthol lover, great, but otherwise I would pass on this flavor. There’s very, very subtle hints of blue raspberry and fruity notes, non-detectable lemonade, and a whole bunch of menthol. 

Berry BashSolace Salts Berry Bash

This one is just bursting with fruit and berry flavor. I taste strawberries, raspberries, and strong blueberry notes. There’s a nice balance of sweetness and tartness to this flavor that I really love. This mixed berry medley is one that fruit lovers should give a try. It might just become your new all day vape.

StrawberrySolace Salts Strawberry

This mix of strawberry candy and natural strawberries is very well done. It’s more candied than it is natural, but not as overly sweet as many other strawberry candy ejuices. This is up there with the better strawberry ejuices that I’ve tried and believe me, I’ve tried a lot of them. Good ejuice.

Blue’s LemonadeSolace Salts Blue's Lemonade

Blue’s Lemonade is a blend of blue raspberry and lemonade. Unlike Blue Raspberry Lemonade Ice, there’s no menthol and the fruit and lemonade flavors are prominent and upfront. The lemonade is stronger than the blue raspberry here so this will be more suited to lemonade ejuice lovers, but it’s a good ejuice all around.

Banana DragonberrySolace Salts Banana Dragonberry

This is an interesting mix of bananas, strawberries, and dragon fruit. The main flavor in this ejuice is banana, followed by a fusion of equal parts strawberry and dragon fruit. In a lot of ways this is just a strawberry banana flavor but the dragon fruit gives it a unique kick and flavor. This is one of my favorite ejuices from the Solace Salts line.

Blue’s MangoSolace Salts Blue's Mango

Solace really loves blue raspberry! This is a blend of blue raspberry, strawberry and mango but for the most part it tastes like a sweet, powerful mango ejuice. There are hints of blue raspberry and strawberry that give it a little twist, but it’s 70/20/10 mango to blue raspberry to strawberry flavor. Still, these fruit additions turn an already tasty flavor to one that I just don’t want to put down. I highly recommend trying this!

MintSolace Salts Mint

This is a classic, minty menthol flavor. It’s nothing too special when it comes to taste, but it is cool and refreshing. It has a slight sweetness to it that I like. Again, nothing game changing but it’s a decent menthol flavor.

How Do They Vape?Solace Salts 2

I’ve been using Solace Salts in a variety of different pod devices and they’ve vaped very well in all of them. The 36mg/ml strength that I received these in is strong enough for a nice throat hit, but it vapes smoothly and without inducing coughing. If 36mg/ml is too strong for you, Solace Salts also come in 18mg/ml strength. If 36mg/ml isn’t strong enough, you can get these ejuices in 48mg/ml.

In addition to the nice throat hit, the nic salt used in these ejuices is extremely satisfying. It might be due to Solace using top-tier ingredients, but for one reason or another I find these salts to be even more satisfying to vape on than other nic salts of similar nicotine strength.

Because all of these are a 50/50 VG/PG mix, I had no issues with these ejuices wicking with any of the coils or devices that I used. These ejuices wick fast and keep up with chain vaping without a problem.


After trying these for myself, it’s no wonder why Solace Vapor has such a large fan base. Their line of Solace Salts are formulated extremely well, with flavor mixes that are just experly mixed and crafted. Blue Raspberry Lemonade Ice is the only flavor that I didn’t feel lived up to the description but all of the other flavors tasted as described or better.

These nic salts give a nice throat hit, they vape smoothly, and they’re satisfying to vape with. If all that and tasty flavors sound good to you then I would strongly recommend giving Solace Salts a try.


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  • The worst Customer Service ever,no concern for the customer,no replies, they wouldn’t take the blame for their mess up! Took 4 weeks to get a reply and never received my order,still no order delivered to me. There are many more companies that provide this service and you should really shop else where. Horrible experience with Solace Salts!!!!