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The Dollar E-Juice Club Review: Home of the $0.99 Dollar Menu

The Dollar E-Juice Club is an eliquid manufacturer based out of Southern California. They sell a host of regular ejuices, nic salt ejuices, and disposable vapes and their pricing is extremely competitive. 

In a market where other ejuice vendors sell 60ml bottles for $14.99-19.99, The Dollar E-Juice club cuts these prices in half; their 70+ regular ejuice flavors can be had for just $8.99 for a 60ml bottle or $14.99 for a 120ml bottle. Their nic salt ejuices are even more competitively priced and can be had for only $7.99 for a 30ml bottle.

They’re called The Dollar E-Juice Club for a reason, though. In addition to their regularly priced eliquids, they sell 5ml sample bottles of their ejuices for just $0.99. This way, you can build a sample box of 5 flavors if you want to try them out before committing to a big bottle.

With prices this low, are their ejuices actually any good? Read the rest of this review to find out!

About The Dollar E-Juice ClubThe Dollar E-Juice Club Logo

Based out of Southern California, The Dollar E-Juice Club was created to provide vapers with affordable ejuice that doesn’t compromise on quality or taste. Each of their regular nicotine ejuices comes with a label that restates this mission:

“We created this club with one goal in mind: to provide the public with the best tasting e-juice ever without breaking the bank”. Sounds good to me!

Perhaps even more interesting than their prices, The Dollar E-Juice Club uses only synthetic nicotine in all of their ejuices (including for their nic salt ejuices). 

I have no preference for natural or synthetic nicotine; I’ve used ejuices with both and they vape exactly the same. However, I found this interesting because The Dollar E-Juice Club is the first eliquid company I’ve seen that uses strictly synthetic nicotine.

PricingThe Dollar E-Juice Club Ejuices

The most attractive pricing at The Dollar E-Juice Club has got to be their $0.99 samples bottles. Too many times I’ve blindly ordered an e-juice, only to hate it when I try it. In fact, I have a shelf full of 30-60ml e-juices that I opened only to try and that are now sitting there virtually full. These $0.99 samples are a way to avoid this situation entirely.

Their regularly priced, regular nicotine ejuices are fairly priced, though not the cheapest that I’ve seen. $14.99 for a 120ml bottle is still a good deal though and the quality is definitely there. The price to quality ratio is definitely good. 

Their nicotine salt ejuices are among the cheapest you’ll find. $7.99 for a 30ml bottle is about as cheap as it gets for nic salts.

The Dollar E-Juice Club also sells their own disposable vapes called the “Money Bar”. These come with 1.3ml of eliquid and will get you somewhere around 300 puffs. At $4.99, these Money Bar’s are a little cheaper than other disposable vapes that I’ve seen which usually sell for $6.99+.

Overall, The Dollar E-Juice Club has good, fair pricing on their offerings. Their regular nicotine ejuices are certainly affordable, although not the cheapest out there. Their nicotine salt ejuices on the other hand are extremely competitively priced. Lastly, their disposable Money Bar vapes are a bit cheaper than other disposables on the market.

Sample Boxes

  • The Dollar E-Juice Club Sample Box 2

The Dollar E-Juice Club offers sample boxes of five, 5ml eliquids of your choosing for $4.99 — $0.99 a bottle. They call this their ‘Dollar Menu’. 

Building a sample box is easy. From their homepage, simply navigate over to their Samples section. Here you can choose up to five different flavors to sample. 

First click on the type of flavor that you desire and you’ll be presented with a selection of ejuices that fit that category. When you see one that you like, click on it and select your nicotine strength. Then hit “Next Bottle” and repeat this process for your next 4 samples.

These samples are a great way to try out an ejuice and see if you like it before spending money on a big bottle.  

The Dollar E-Juice Club Flavors

I was sent over a few of The Dollar E-Juice Club’s regular ejuices, nicotine salt ejuices, and disposables to test out. The regular nicotine ejuices I received are 6mg, the nicotine salt ejuices are 35mg, and the disposables are 50mg.

The regular nicotine ejuices were vaped with a Dead Rabbit V2 RDA. The nicotine salt ejuices were vaped with a Uwell Caliburn.

Regular Nicotine Ejuices

  • The Dollar E-Juice Club Ejuices 2

Blue Raspberry Sourbelt – 70VG / 30PG

“Thin candy belts bursting with blue raspberry flavor with sour sugar coating.”

I taste blueberry the most in this ejuice with just a hint of raspberry. It has a pleasant, sugary sweetness to it, along with just the right amount of sour to compliment it. It’s a perfect sweet and sour mix that tastes just like a less sour blue candy belt. It’s very good.

Bombsicle – 70VG/ 30PG

“Cherry, white lemon, and blue raspberry flavored popsicle.”

This tastes just like a rocket pop; which is to say that it tastes great! Vaping on this takes me back to when I was younger. The description is spot on with cherry, lemon, and blue raspberry flavors coming through all together. This is my favorite The Dollar E-Juice Club flavor by far.

Strawberry Cheesecake – 70VG/ 30PG

“Creamy smooth cheesecake filling in a soft crushed graham cracker crust topped with candied strawberries.”

This is undeniably a strawberry candy and dessert flavor. It taste candied strawberries and a hint of cheesecake on the inhale, and graham crackers mixed in on the exhale. While this flavor is good, the strawberry flavor is a little light. I think that more strawberry and slightly more cheesecake flavor would make this flavor perfect. I think strawberry dessert lovers will still like the flavor though.

Strawberry Custard – 70VG / 30PG

“The richest custard filling topped with ripe candied strawberries.”

This is a nice dessert flavor that has strong custard notes and sweet strawberry flavor. It tastes creamy and rich, and it’s very smooth. There’s quite a bit more strawberry flavor in this ejuice than there is in the Strawberry Cheesecake ejuice. If you like creamy, rich dessert flavors then you should give this a try.

Mango Creamsicle – 70VG / 30PG

“Velvety smooth blend of creams and ripe mangoes.”

I taste a very heavy, natural mango taste in this ejuice. It’s not at all candied like in the majority of other mango ejuices and I’m not sure if I love it or hate it. This is described as a blend of creams and mango but I don’t taste any cream flavor. Aside from the flavor, did I mention that it’s heavy? Again, not sure how I feel about this flavor. I’m on the fence.

Nicotine Salt EjuicesThe Dollar E-Juice Club Nic Salt Ejuice

Strawberry Lemonade – 50VG / 50PG

Freshly squeezed lemonade infused with strawberries. An instant summer favorite.”

I’m not sure that it tastes freshly squeezed, but the rest of the flavor description is accurate. I taste a strong strawberry candy flavor, mixed with a refreshing and very slightly sour lemonade. As far as strawberry lemonade flavors go, this is one of the best ones that I’ve tried. The throat hit is very nice from the 35mg nic salt and smooth as well.

Watermelon Candy – 50VG / 50PG

“Sweet watermelon flavored candy.”

This tastes like a watermelon hard candy, like a watermelon Jolly Rancher. There’s really no better way to describe it. It’s a light watermelon flavor that isn’t too sweet, so I can vape it all day. The throat hit is very good and also very smooth. Excellent ejuice.

Money Bar Disposable Vape

  • The Dollar E-Juice Club Disposables

Sour Apple Ice

This is supposed to be a sour green apple and mint flavor. I usually love apple flavors but I’m having a hard time enjoying this one. Instead of a sweet and sour apple, I taste a bitter flavor. There’s certainly apples in here, it’s just very light and outshadowed by the bitter component rather than being sweet or sour. There’s a slight cooling, but it doesn’t do much to improve this flavor for me. 

Pina Colada

Sweet pineapple and a hint of coconut make hitting this disposable feel just like sipping a pina colada. This is sweet enough that it tastes good but not overwhelmingly sweet. The draw is very nice and the draw activation works perfectly. If you like the drink, you’ll like this disposable.

Banana Ice

Banana Ice tastes like a banana runts candy with a touch of menthol. It’s a sweet, candied banana flavor that is very enjoyable to vape one. The banana flavor is full and not muddled at all, which I really like. The menthol in this vape is enough to give you that touch of ice, but not so icy that non-menthol vapers will dislike it. 


I wasn’t sure what to expect from these ejuices and disposables, but the majority of them are really good. I didn’t like them all, but I liked most of them and will definitely continue vaping those flavors. While the ejuices from The Dollar E-Juice Club are cheap, they’re definitely high quality and the flavor mixes are well-crafted.

If you liked the sound of any of the ejuices in this review, there’s an easy way to try them without spending a whole bunch of money; their Dollar Menu! These sample packs are something that I wish more ejuice companies would start doing as it makes finding a flavor that you like much less costly.

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