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Augvape VX200 Kit Review
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Augvape VX200 Mod/Kit Review (With Jewel Disposable Tank)

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Augvape VX200 Design
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What’s going on versed vapers? Today, I’m back with another review on one of the lightest dual battery mods that I’ve ever used: the Augvape VX200. You might remember Augvape from our reviews on the Druga Foxy mod and V200 mod, both of which were great devices. However, each device had its own minor issues and lacked some features that you would expect, like Temperature Control mode.

Now with the VX200, Augvape have listened to community feedback and have designed a device that is truly full featured. The VX200 is extremely lightweight, super comfortable to use, and delivers excellent performance.

The VX200 kit comes with 3 Jewel sub-ohm tanks. These tanks use a built-in mesh coil and are disposable after the coil is done. I’m not a big fan of disposable tanks because I don’t think that they’re very efficient. You could buy a pack of coils instead, and it would save you more money in the long run. Plus, it’s a waste to be throwing away even more plastic and adding to an already bad problem. But it’s actually a pretty good tank in terms of flavor and ease of use and really surprised me with it’s performance.

So should you get this kit? Lets jump right into our Augvape VX200 review.

The device used for this review was sent to me free of charge, directly from Augvape.

Augvape VX200 Mod/Kit Review (With Jewel Disposable Tank)

OverviewAugvape VX200 Overview

The VX200 makes up for the features that previous Augvape devices lacked, and then some. It’s got Power, Temperature Control, TCR, Voltage and Bypass mode as well as a pretty deep menu with multiple settings. In the features and functions department the VX200 can basically do it all.

The VX200 is also easily one of the smallest and lightest dual battery mods on the market. However, this lightweight design comes with the tradeoff of also feeling a bit cheap and fragile.  The VX200 will output up to 200W of power and provides very good battery efficiency while doing it, too.

The Jewel sub-ohm tank makes picking up vaping with a tank and mod super simple. There’s no need to replace coils; just use the tank until it starts to taste funky, then dispose of it. In my testing it was decent in terms of flavor. But from an environmental and economical standpoint,  I think it would be better to just buy a proper sub-ohm tank and a pack of coils. For new vapers, the VX200 kit is an easy to pick up and affordable option. However, more experienced vapers will want to forgo the kit and just get the mod.

What’s In The BoxAugvape VX200 Kit Box Contents

  • 1 x Augvape VX200 Box Mod
  • 3 x Augvape JEWEL Disposable Tanks
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Design & Build Quality — Augvape VX200Augvape VX200 Design

When I first held the VX200, I actually had to double-check that it was a dual battery mod — it’s seriously that light. This is because of the ABS and polycarbonate that the VX200 is made of; two thermoplastic polymers that are not only extremely light but very strong and durable as well. The downside here is that this makes the mod feel somewhat cheap and fragile. It doesn’t necessarily feel bad, it just doesn’t feel like a high-end mod.

In terms of size, the VX200 is averaged sized. At 87.5mm tall, 45mm wide and 29.2mm thick it’s the same size as most other box mods, but the light weight makes it a lot more portable. With the batteries installed you’ll still feel the VX200 in your pocket. But it’s less noticeable than with other dual battery mods and doesn’t add as much weight to your person.

The shape of the VX200 is very nice with rounded edges and sides that feel good when held in your hand. These curves give the VX200 a sleek and elegant look, which is something that I wasn’t expecting from a plastic mod. But I love the design as it looks great and is still very functional and light. AUGVAPE is displayed prominently on the right side of the device but the VX200 is otherwise free of any other visible branding. This keeps with the simple and clean aesthetics of the mod and I personally really like it.

Something I also really like about the VX200 is its centered 510 plate. I just think that a mod looks better with the atomizer centered and I think a lot of vapers would agree with me here. The 510 plate also sits flush with the top of the mod, a huge plus.

The front and back of the device are covered by two dark, semi-transparent panels. The panel on the back of the VX200 is removable and allows you to access the battery compartment, while the front panel houses the screen and adjustment buttons and is non-removable.

Battery CompartmentAugvape VX200 Battery Compartment

The battery compartment on the VX200 is well designed and fits two 18650 batteries perfectly. You can access the compartment by removing the battery door, which is held in place by a strong magnet. There’s no door wiggle when you hold it in your hand and it won’t budge unless you try to wiggle it, so it definitely won’t come off in your pocket. The battery compartment itself is not too tight and not too loose, but just right. The bottom contacts are spring loaded for easier insertion and are smooth and rounded to prevent tearing or snagging your battery wraps. There’s also a very nice ribbon that can be pulled to easily remove your batteries.

Display & ButtonsVX200 Display

The VX200 has one of the coolest screens that I’ve seen on a vape mod. It sits right under the front panel and blends in seamlessly, giving the appearance that the entire front of the mod is a screen. This isn’t the case, as the screen is a 1.3” square that sits above the buttons, but it does look very neat and almost futuristic.

The screen quality is also amazing. Not only is it in full color, but it’s also really sharp. The pixel density on this screen is for sure higher than other vape mods, I just can’t tell you by how much. I couldn’t find the PPI of the screen anywhere but it’s distinctly crisp.

Brightness is an issue with this mod. Indoors it’s pretty easy to see and doesn’t cause any problems. But if you go outside, it’s nearly impossible to see. I figure they did this to make the screen blend in more seamlessly but it kind of detracts from the usability outdoors. A con here for me.

Augvape VX200 Adjustment Buttons

The UI has a well-organized layout that is easy to read and the color can be adjusted to your preference. And it isn’t just a few set colors; you can adjust the red, blue, and green levels to achieve your favorite color.

The screen on the VX200 displays a bunch of essential vaping information: your set wattage, individual battery life indicators, voltage, resistance and even an interesting puff time counter. Your set wattage is displayed in the center of the screen with a thin ring circling it. This ring acts as a gauge; when you adjust the wattage you’ll see the indicator moving around the circle.

Outside of the wattage indicator, arranged in a larger circle, are the numbers from 1 to 10. These numbers act as a puff time counter and will light up as you draw past each second.

Augvape VX200 Firing Bar

As for the buttons, the VX200 has two flat adjustment buttons on the front and a large firing bar on the side. The firing bar takes up almost the entire left side of the mod and takes just the right amount of force to activate it. It’s not too firm and not too flimsy either. Because it takes up the entire side, it’s really easy to use no matter how you hold the device. My only gripe is that the click from the firing button is noisy and could’ve been quieter. It’s audibly very clicky and this can quickly get annoying when vaping in quiet spaces.

The adjustment buttons work just as well as the firing button but thankfully aren’t as noisy. These two buttons are located just under the screen and are easy to access.

Design & Build Quality — Jewel Disposable TankAugvape Jewel Subohm Tank

You get not just one Jewel sub-ohm tank with the VX200 kit, but three. However, these aren’t your average sub-ohm tanks — the Jewel is disposable. When I first heard the word “disposable” I thought to myself “This can’t be good”. And from an environmental standpoint, I’m definitely right. But in terms of flavor and ease of use, they’re actually pretty good.

The Jewel is a 26mm tank and it comes in four colors: black, blue, red, and clear. When you buy the kit, you’ll get the color that matches with the color of the mod that you bought. You can also buy the Jewel on its own.Augvape Jewel Fill Port

The Jewel is meant to be the most user-friendly sub-ohm tank on the market. As such, the only thing to adjust on the Jewel is its airflow. This makes sense since its disposable and meant to be thrown away once the coil is done. It’s got a built-in 0.15ohm mesh coil rated for 40-80W which is a pretty wide range, and the tank will hold up to 3.0ml of ejuice.

This isn’t the largest tank and I found myself refilling at least twice a day, but it’s pretty simple to refill. There’s a silicone stopper on the top of the mod that plugs a pretty large fill hole. Bottle nozzles fit into the tank with ease and it was a pretty mess-free and quick experience.

There are two airflow slots on the Jewel that can be completely closed off if you desire and they’re reasonably sized for a good range of adjustment.  The drip tip on the Jewel is built-in and narrow like a 510 but with the airflow fully open it still provides a pretty airy draw.Augvape Jewel Airflow

Overall the Jewel is really well built and easy to use. A tank lasted me about a week of heavy vaping but I was also using some pretty sweetener heavy juices. Using a lighter juice could probably extend the usage time to a week and a half.


Features & FunctionsAUGVAPE VX200 Features

The VX200 is jam packed with goodies in terms of features and the menu gives you some detailed options as well. The device turns on or off with five clicks on the power button and supports multiple different modes.

You get Power mode up to 200 watts, Temperature Control from 200-600F, TCR with two different modes (base and advanced), Voltage mode, and Bypass mode.

In wattage the device scrolls through at a good pace and is pretty straightforward to use. You have the option of selecting three different wattage modes: soft, normal, or hard. These presumably boost or decrease the wattage slightly at the beginning of a draw. This is basically what I experienced, as soft was a lighter draw and hard was a bit hotter and denser.

There are no button combinations to lock the device or the fire button, you’ll just have to turn off the device. This isn’t too bad though because the device shuts off and boots up almost instantly.

In temperature control mode you have your standard SS316, TI, and NI200 options. But there are also two different TCR modes. TCR base is the basic TCR setting but TCR advanced allows you to set different settings for different temperatures, something that seems neat. More advanced vapers might be able to make good use of it but I didn’t play around with it too much myself.

Augvape VX200 MenuAUGVAPE-VX200 Menu

The menu on the VX200 is pretty detailed and can be accessed by clicking the fire button three times. This will bring up the main menu with: Variable Wattage, Temperature Control, Variable Voltage, Bypass, Settings, and Information. The TCR menu will allow you to select SS316, TI, NI200, TCR base, or TCR advanced. You can lock or unlock the resistance from the TC menu as well.

If you select settings you’re given another menu with a bunch of options. These are: Auto Mode, Cut Off Time, Standby, Color Settings, Temperature Unit, Language, and Factory Reset.

With auto mode on, the VX200 will automatically set your wattage based on the resistance of your coil. This can be turned off.

Cut Off time lets you set how long before the mod shuts off when the fire button is continuously held down. Standby lets you select how long the screen stays on after the last interaction. The temperature units can also be changed in this menu to Celsius or Fahrenheit. The only language options are Chinese and English, and you can also reset the device to factory settings.

The Color menu lets you choose from a set of predefined colors: orange red, olive green, sky blue or white and black. But you can also set your own custom color by changing the amount of red, blue, and green with the “User Defined” option.

I especially like the amount of options here for modes, standby time and other options. But the user defined color for the UI might be my favorite. All in all, the features and menu of the VX200 give you a lot of choice over how you want the device to function and that’s a big pro for me.

PerformanceAugvape VX200 Performance

The most important part about any mod is it’s vaping performance. So how did the VX200 do? For starters, I found wattage mode to work pretty flawlessly. I enjoyed fiddling around with the soft wattage and hard wattage modes and found that it was a pretty easy way to change your draw without having to mess with the wattage itself. Soft wattage seemed to decrease the wattage by about 10W or so while hard seemed to increase it by about 10W.

Because the mod is so light, it was quite comfortable to hold and use all day. So if you’re someone who hates heavy mods the VX200 is the perfect pick.

With the Jewel sub-ohm tank that you get in the kit, it worked out to be a decent vaping combo. I was vaping at around 60-80W and getting good flavor and clouds with the airflow fully open. Closing the airflow even a little bit made the draw way too restricted for my liking, but you might disagree. The tank lasted me about a week with heavy daily-usage, which I guess isn’t too bad for a disposable tank.

I also tested a couple of other tanks with the VX200 including the Drop Dead, Bonza V1.5 & the Fireluke Mesh. They all looked absolutely gorgeous atop the VX200 and I was achieving over 120W without a problem.

Temperature control performance was impressive for a non-DNA mod and I think TC junkies will be interested in the advanced TCR menu. I used SS316 and titanium wire on the standard settings and it vaped great. It was a bit cooler than DNA mods at the same temperatures, but still pretty accurate.

Augvape VX200

Battery efficiency was really good with this mod, so good that the VX200 never actually died on me. I was getting noticeably longer battery life than with other mods; but there was an issue. In my testing the VX200 would still fire down to a low 2.75V. While a “Low Battery” icon did flash in the upper right corner of the screen, it never died. Around 3.0V is the usual cutoff setting.

Upon taking the batteries out of the mod and testing it in a few others, none of my other mods would fire; they all gave a low battery protection warning. I stopped testing how much lower the batteries would go after that.

We’ve contacted Augvape for information about this, and have been told that future versions will be set to 3.0V. At the current moment the low battery cutoff is somewhere around 2.75V. My unit would have probably shut off relatively soon if I continued to use it. A thank you to Augvape here for the quick reply. Low battery protection is something you never really think about with regulated mods, but it’s definitely an important feature to have.

Final VerdictAugvape VX200 Kit Review

After all is said and done would I recommend the VX200 kit? Yes to the mod, no to the tank. The VX200 is super well-built and super light while still delivering up to 200W. It’s got a sleek design that is really attractive while remaining super functional. It’s got a ton of modes, the battery efficiency is good, and I’m a fan of the large firing bar (I just wish it wasn’t so noisy!).

While the lightness of the mod causes it feel a bit cheap and fragile in your hand, the VX200 is actually very well put together. The only other issue is the 2.75V low battery cut off but Augvape have told us that this is going to be fixed in the future.

The Jewel sub-ohm tank performs well for flavor thanks to its integrated mesh coil, but a disposable tank is still not as economical or as efficient as replaceable coils. I can see this being attractive to a new vaper who wants the full flavor of a sub-ohm tank without having to change coils, but I would otherwise just grab the mod.

Love the mod but I’m not the biggest fan of the tank. Until next time, Stay Versed!


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