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Best 20700 Batteries for Vaping in 2024: Tested Options

Vape longer with these high performing & tested 20700 batteries

When it comes to vape batteries, 20700 batteries sit in a weird place right in the middle of the popular 18650 battery format and higher capacity 21700 batteries.

20700 batteries first gained popularity in the vaping world just a few years ago, but today they are less commonly used for vaping than other battery types. This is because 18650 batteries are the most popular format for vape mods, and the mods that can support larger capacity batteries usually support larger, higher capacity 21700 batteries.

Generally, if your mod can support a 21700 battery then you’re best off to use one. This will, in most cases, mean longer battery life due to the higher battery capacities offered by 21700 batteries. If you don’t have a 21700 battery, using an 18650 battery with an adapter will likely be just as effective as a 20700 battery.

If you’re still dead set on purchasing a 20700 battery then this list will help you choose. These batteries have been selected based on Battery Mooch’s testing and recommendations, as well as for their reliability, availability, safety, battery capacity, and continuous discharge rating (CDR).

Batteries are powerful and can be dangerous if used improperly.  Always make sure that you have a proper understanding of Ohm’s Law and battery safety measures before handling or using any 21700, 20700 or 18650 battery to vape.


Sanyo 2070C Battery 400x400

#1. Sanyo NCR2070C


Sanyo 20700A Battery 400x400

#2. Sanyo NCR20700A


Molicel 20700A Battery 400x400

#3. Molicel INR-20700A


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Why We Picked It

The Sanyo NCR2070C is the best overall 20700 battery that you can get for vaping. It has a huge battery capacity of 3500mAh compared to the 3100mAh of it’s little brother, the NCR20700A, but the catch is that this battery is much harder to find and it is usually out of stock. If you do happen to find it in stock, this battery makes for an even better pick than the NCR20700A.

The NCR2070C can output up to 30A safely and without breaking a sweat. Combined with the 3500mAh battery capacity, this means the NCR2070C will get you through more vaping than any other 20700 battery; provided you can find it. For the best overall 20700 battery, the Sanyo NCR2070C is the battery to get.



Why We Picked It

While the Sanyo NCRO20700A doesn’t quite have the capacity that the 2070C does, it’s a much easier battery to find. While the stated continuous discharge rating (CDR) is overstated at 35A, it will comfortably output up to 30A safely and reliably. This makes the Sanyo NCR20700A a great battery for mid-to-high wattages

This battery also has a respectable 3100mAh capacity which means you can expect decent battery life out of a single battery, even at higher wattages. This battery is readily available and usually in stock in brick and mortar shops and online vape stores alike.



Why We Picked It

The Molicel INR-20700A shares similar specs to the #2 battery on our list. It has a slightly lower battery capacity of 3000mAh but shares the same CDR of 30A. If you can’t find the NCR20700A, then the Molicel INR-20700A is the next best choice. You’ll get comparable vaping times out of a single battery and still be able to vape at the same wattages that you would with the NCR20700A.

Overall, the Molicel INR-20700A is a great battery to get. If it’s your only option just remember that it’s still one of the best 20700 batteries around — the performance won’t disappoint you.



Why We Picked It

The Vapcell 20700 Gold is like the Sanyo NCR2070C; it’s frequently out of stock but if you can find it then it’s the better choice over the Molicel INR-20700A.

It has a respectable battery capacity of 3100mAh which is near the top end of battery capacities for 20700 batteries. It can discharge up to 30A without an issue and that makes it a great battery to run solo in your single battery mods.

Battery Safety

If you’re using a mech mod, you should make sure that you always exercise proper battery safety precautions and have a firm understanding of Ohm’s Law. Knowing the amps that your build will be drawing from your battery is essential when using a mechanical mod, and you should pick a battery that is rated comfortably above that.

For example, If your build will draw 17A from your battery, a battery rated for 20A would be ideal. If you’re using a regulated mod knowing your battery safety is still a good thing and, although not as important, it’s still a good idea to know Ohm’s Law.

Battery safety and staying within the limits of your build and battery is paramount when it comes to vaping, because terrible things can happen if you aren’t careful. Batteries can and will explode if used improperly, and it’s your responsibility to make sure that you’re buying a battery that is both rated correctly for your build, and manufactured by a reputable company.

Key Qualities of a Great Battery

There are four key factors that you should consider when picking the best battery for your vape:

  • High current rating
  • High capacity
  • High voltage when vaping
  • Low Operating Temperature

High Current Rating

A high current rating is extremely important when choosing a battery if you’re planning on running a low ohm build. The current rating on a battery is the maximum current that the battery can safely discharge at one time.

For example, imagine we have a bottle filled with water. The size of the bottle opening limits the amount of water that can be poured out at one time. In this analogy, the size of the opening would be the maximum current rating, and the size of the water bottle itself would be the battery capacity.

Some batteries with a high current rating are able to discharge up to 30A without overheating. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just go out and buy the battery with the highest current rating.

While this would definitely be the safest approach, you would be sacrificing battery capacity in return. Instead, you should use Ohm’s Law to properly calculate the amps you will be drawing from your battery and pick a battery that is rated comfortably above that.

High Capacity

A higher capacity in a 21700 battery means that it will be able to deliver power for longer without having to be recharged. Capacity is measured in milliampere-hours, and is a measure of how many milliamps we can draw from the battery for how many hours.

Now, the milliamps you will be drawing from your battery will be dependent on your build, but this means that a 3000mAh battery will be able to deliver power for twice as long as a 1500mAh battery under the same conditions without having to be recharged.

High Voltage

A high voltage is desirable in a 21700 battery because different batteries will deliver different voltages. For vapers using a mechanical device, a battery with a higher voltage will “hit harder” and deliver more current to the coil, therefore creating more vapor.

For those with regulated mods, a higher voltage is still beneficial because it means that your mod doesn’t have to work as hard, and thus won’t have to draw as much current from the battery.

All of the best 21700 batteries for vaping have a high voltage, and will deliver the hit and vapor that you desire when combined with a suitable rig.  

Low Operating Temperature

Having a battery that operates at a safe temperature is one of the most important aspects you should consider when purchasing a battery.

Heat is the number one cause of aging and damage to batteries, and a battery that runs too hot will greatly shorten its lifespan. Instead of being able to use the battery for a year or longer, you may find yourself having to replace it much sooner.

In the worst case, if your battery isn’t rated for the current that you are trying to draw from it, the battery can vent or even explode. As previously mentioned, battery safety is paramount and if you simply know your battery safety, ohm’s law, and choose a battery that is rated for your build, you will not encounter any problems.

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