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Charlie’s Chalk Dust Ejuice Review: Premium Ejuice Worth Paying For

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is an extremely popular brand of premium ejuice. Rather than focusing on the same flavors that every other company makes, Charlie’s Chalk Dust focuses their efforts on creating unique flavor combinations that you won’t easily find anywhere else.

Currently they make regular nicotine ejuices, as well as nicotine salts under the Charlie’s Chalk Dust name. They also make Aunt Meringue, Uncle Meringue, and Pachamama eliquids (just to name a few), but for this review I’ll be focusing on their Black Label and White Label ejuices.

For this review I have 8 Charlie’s Chalk Dust ejuices on hand for testing: Wonder Worm, Jam Rock, Mustache Milk, Dream Cream, Sea Salt Savory Caramel & Ice Cream, Slam Berry, Big Belly Jelly, and Bangin Boogie. 

The names get you interested right away, but the flavor descriptions will make your mouth water. For example, Wonder Worm is “Crystallized gummy worms dusted with psychedelic sweet tarts”. Big Belly Jelly is “Watermelon blasted with blueberry jelly beans”. Yum.

Two of these ejuices are 60VG while the rest are 70VG. I received short fills which come in 50ml bottles that are then filled up with 10ml of nicotine, resulting in a 3mg 60ml ejuice bottle.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust definitely put a lot of time into their packaging and labelling. Each ejuice comes in its own individual box, complete with full information on the ejuice inside. Once you take the ejuice out of the box, the well-designed label accomplishes the same thing as the box and has all of the same information. Before even vaping them, you can tell that these are premium eliquids.

I’ve been vaping on these ejuices for a few weeks now and I’m ready to give you my thoughts on how good they taste and how they perform. I’ll go over each flavor and do my best to describe how it tastes. 

About Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is one of the most popular brands of premium ejuice around. Based in Southern California, they manufacture ejuices under many different brands. They have a Black Label and White Label Charlie’s Chalk Dust, as well as Pachamama, Meringue, The Creator of Flavors, and STUMPS e-liquid.

One thing that they’re very good at is branding and storytelling. Their website features “The Story” which talks about a young boy named Charlie who sells zucchinis to his neighbors. The story helps to explain how the name ‘Charlie’s Chalk Dust’ came about, but not much else. The story doesn’t have anything to do with vaping,  however it is interesting and inspiring — and that’s the whole point.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust are good at making you feel something with their descriptions and branding. You feel inspired, you feel attracted, and you feel like you’re a part of something by buying their ejuices. It’s excellent marketing. However, it’s not marketing alone that has made them so popular and loved — their ejuices are also genuinely good and tasty.

The Flavors

For this review I have 8 Charlie’s Chalk Dust ejuices that I’ve been vaping on. These are just a few of their most popular Black Label and White Label ejuices. I’ve been using my Wotofo Profile RDTA to vape on all of these and I’ve been enjoying every minute! Here are the flavors:

Slam BerryCharlies Chalk Dust Slam Berry

“Farm fresh strawberry & homemade ice cream”

Slam Berry is a well-done strawberry and cream ejuice flavor. It tastes more like strawberry ice cream than anything and it’s really tasty. Unlike other strawberry cream ejuices that are ultra sweet and almost nauseating, Slam Berry is light but still flavorful. At times you taste the strawberry and then the cream, while other times you get a nice blend. It’s an exciting flavor that doesn’t get old too fast.

Wonder WormCharlies Chalk Dust Wonder Worm

“Crystallized gummy worms dusted with psychedelic sweet tarts”

This is a sugary sweet, gummy candy ejuice. The description says it all, really. On the inhale you taste the gummy worms coated with sugar, while the exhale brings a hard candy sweet tarts flavor. This flavor is very sweet and you can taste the sugar, but I can still vape on it all day. The tart notes also add a nice kick to this ejuice. Excellent flavor!

Big Belly JellyCharlies Chalk Dust Big Belly Jelly

“Watermelon blasted with blueberry jelly beans”

I’m loving these candy flavors. They’re just so well done. Big Belly Jelly is a must-vape for anyone who loves jelly beans; the inhale perfectly recreates the taste of a blue jelly bean. On the exhale you get a nice hint of sugary watermelon that adds nicely to the overall flavor profile. The flavor is just strong enough without being overpowering so it makes a nice all day vape.

Head Bangin BoogieCharlies Chalk Dust Head Bangin Boogie

“Frozen tropical blueberry”

Notes of tangy, almost sour blueberry are what this ejuice is all about. Imagine a tangy blueberry popsicle, or a slightly sour blueberry candy. The blueberry taste in Head Bangin Boogie is stronger and more pronounced than it is in Big Belly Jelly. They’re also slightly different blueberry tastes. This is more tangy while Big Belly Jelly is more candy-like with no tang. Delicious all the same!

Jam RockCharlies Chalk Dust Jam Rock

“Sour apple glow pop”

Before I vaped on it I thought that this would be one of my favorite flavors. Once I tried it, I’m not so sure that I really love it. It’s not bad, just doesn’t taste much like the description. There’s a heavy granny smith flavor but it isn’t very strong, if that makes sense. This tastes a bit like a caramel apple and it’s not sour at all. If you’re expecting strong, natural apple flavors then you’re going to be disapointed. It’s a unique flavor but it’s not for everyone. 

Dream CreamCharlies Chalk Dust Dream Cream

“Rich vanilla cream with hints of fudge & notes of cinnamon”

This ejuice is very rich and creamy with vanilla and fudge being the main flavors. There is a hint of cinnamon but it’s very slight. All three flavors mix together on the inhale and on the exhale and they compliment each other very well. This is a bit too rich for me to vape on all day but it’s certainly an enjoyable vape.

CCD3Charlies Chalk Dust CCD3

“Sea Salt, Savory Caramel, & Ice Cream”

This ejuice tastes exactly like butterscotch ice cream. The sea salt flavor isn’t very noticeable but it’s definitely caramel and ice cream. The inhale and exhale are equally smooth and flavorful. Those who like butterscotch ice cream will fall in love with this ejuice right away. Personally, this is a bit like Dream Cream for me and isn’t a flavor I can vape on all day as it’s quite rich. Still a good flavor to drip and vape on from time to time though.

Mustache MilkCharlies Chalk Dust Mustache Milk

“Savory cereal soaked in something sweet”

This is essentially a fruity cereal with notes of cinnamon, milk and cream tied in. As far as cereal flavors go this one is really good, although it’s not the best that I’ve vaped. This isn’t as rich as CCD3 or Dream Cream so it definitely qualifies as an all day vape, depending on what you like of course. Fruit and cinnamon notes are in the foreground of this flavor, while the milk and cream notes come in through the exhale. This flavor is smooth to vape on and satisfying too.


All in all, Charlie’s Chalk Dust ejuices are top-quality and certainly worthy of their ‘premium’ designation. All of the flavor mixes are extremely well-done and bring unique and strong flavor that you won’t get from other, cheaper ejuice brands. My favorites are definitely Slam Berry, Wonder Worm, and Head Bangin Boogie but all of them are pretty great.

If you’re looking to vape on something new, I highly recommend giving Charlie’s Chalk Dust ejuices a try. You won’t be disappointed by the flavor.

Have you tried Charlie’s Chalk Dust? We would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment down below.


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