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Geekvape Aegis Solo Review — Small & Nearly Indestructible

Geekvape Aegis Solo



Geekvape Aegis Solo
Design — 9.5
Build Quality — 9.5
Features — 9.0
Performance — 9.5



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The Aegis Solo is the latest waterproof, dustproof and nearly indestructible mod from Geekvape. It’s a follow up to the larger, dual battery Aegis Legend and looks nearly identical to the Aegis Mini. However, while the Aegis Solo and Aegis Mini look alike, there are some key differences.

Mainly, the Aegis Solo is smaller and lighter than the Aegis Mini. This is because it uses an 18650 battery vs the 2200mAh built-in battery on the Aegis Mini. It will also fire at up to 100W whereas the Aegis Mini has an 80W maximum output.

Leaving the comparison aside, how does the Aegis Solo stack up to other single battery mods on the market? I’ve been using it for a few weeks now to find out and so far it’s been a great mod. How good? You’ll have to read the rest of this review to find out!

This item was sent to me by MyVpro for review. This does not in any way affect my opinion or rating of the device.

Geekvape Aegis Solo Review — Small & Nearly Indestructible

Box ContentsAegis Solo Box Contents

  • 1 x Aegis Solo Mod
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Spare Parts Bag
  • 1 x Promotion & Warranty Card


  • AS-100 Chipset
  • Maximum 100W Output
  • Power, Bypass & TC Modes
  • IP67 Water, Dust & Shock Resistant
  • Powered by Single 18650

Design & Build Quality

  • Aegis Solo Design

At just 85mm tall, 31.5mm wide and 41.2mm deep the Aegis Solo is a small mod. It fits nicely in my hand and I can palm it quite comfortably. It’s also very light; the Aegis Solo weighs just 112.5 grams. For comparison, the Aegis Legend is nearly double the weight at 203.5 grams.

I was a big fan of the design of the Aegis Legend and the Aegis Solo looks more or less the same, just miniaturized. It’s got rubberized sides and a metal band that goes around a small leather-like patch. Geekvape is inscribed on one side of the mod and Aegis on the other.

All of the color variations of the Aegis Solo will have a black rubberized exterior, however the color of the metal band and buttons will be different. I myself got the blue color for this review and it’s a nice, dark blue that looks really neat.

This mod feels solid to hold. The rubber isn’t too squishy but is rather firm. There’s no rattling of any sort and everything is very well built. I haven’t had any fading of the color on the metal band, so the paint seems to be good quality. I also haven’t had any real scratches or scuffs on the rubber or leather. I could tell that this mod was going to be able to withstand some heavy abuse before I even subjected it to the durability tests (which I’ll get into a little later).

Aegis Solo 510 Plate

The Aegis Solo can hold up to 26mm tanks without any overhang. The 510 plate isn’t centered but because of how tiny this mod is, your atomizers don’t sit too far forward and are just off center. The plate is flat and flush with the top of the mod and the spring-loaded connection works nicely — I had no gaps with any of the atomizers I used and they all sat flush atop the mod.

The Aegis Solo has three buttons: one diamond shaped firing button and two connected adjustment buttons. The firing button is comfortable to fire with either your thumb or your index finger depending on how you hold the mod. It’s a nice size and has a good clickiness to it. I haven’t had it fire accidentally in my pocket or even when holding the mod so it’s well calibrated. The adjustment buttons also take the same amount of pressure to use and have a soft but nice click to them.

The screen is black and white, not color like on the Aegis Legend, but I don’t think that this is too big of a deal. It does however have the same UI layout as on the Aegis legend. It’s integrated into the front face of the mod underneath a plate of plastic. This plastic scratches quite easily; after my first day or two I already had a couple of deep scratches. I have no idea how it happened either.

On a positive note, the screen is easy to read in all situations because you have the option to adjust the brightness. Hold the power button and adjustment buttons to do so.Aegis Solo Battery Compartment

The battery cap has a small handle on it that is stiff at first, but it loosens up a little with use. It doesn’t loosen up to the point where it’s floppy, though. There’s a rubber ring on the battery cap, above the threading for the waterproofing. Even with an 18650 battery installed there’s no rattling. The battery fits in nice and snug.

There’s also a rubber plug over the micro-USB port for waterproofing. It fits nice and tight as well. The box also comes with an extra plug if you happen to lose or damage the first one.

Features & Functions

  • Aegis Solo Wattage Mode

The Aegis Solo uses Geekvape’s new AS-100 chipset which they say will provide more accurate and efficient performance. The Aegis Solo has Power Mode, Bypass Mode, Temperature Control Mode, TCR and VPC.

Powered by a single 18650 battery, the Aegis Solo will fire at up to 100W in Power Mode (20W more than the Aegis Mini). It will also do from 200-600°F in Temperature Control Mode. It comes with TC support for your typical materials (SS, NI200 & Ti) but you also have the option of TCR. Pretty standard but it does have a full set of modes.  

VPC is the mode that I really like because it lets you configure a wattage curve with up to 5 different wattages. For example, I set mine to 35, 40, 45, 40, 35. This means that when I took a draw the wattage increased from 35 to 40, then up to 45 before decreasing back to 40 and lastly 35. If you like a harder hit you can ramp up to it, or if you want it to get weaker with a longer draw you can have it taper down. It’s really a neat feature and it works flawlessly. No complaints from me!

The UI on the Aegis Solo is just like the Aegis Legend. Your mode and the Wattage is at the top. You then have a battery life indicator, coil resistance, amperage, voltage and a puff counter.

You can switch modes by pressing the fire button three times. If you click the fire button again you can lock the coil resistance or reset the puff counter.

Selecting your wattage can be a little frustrating with this mod. If you hold the adjustment button for a brief second it will go up by 1 watt.  If you hold the adjustment button any longer, it will increase or decrease your wattage by about 4 watts before scrolling extremely fast. If you only click the adjustment button it will scroll in 0.1 increments.

This made it a little frustrating when I was only trying to change the wattage by 5-10 watts because I would always overshoot if I held the button. I ended up having to hold the button for a brief second at a time to scroll in 1 watt increments. Not a deal breaker but it’s worth mentioning.

To lock the device you hold both adjustment buttons at the same time. Note: this doesn’t lock the fire button.

Durability Testing — Water, Dust & Shock Resistance

My favorite part about reviewing indestructible mods is seeing how well they actually hold up! The Aegis Solo is rated as IP67 water and dust resistant so it should be able to be submerged in up to a meter of water for up to 30 mins. It’s also marketed as an indestructible mod so it should be able to withstand a good deal of drops and abuse.

To test out the water resistance I took the Aegis Solo and dropped it into a barrel of fresh water that was about 4 feet deep. I left the battery in and the device powered on and let it sit for about 20 minutes. I removed the device from the water and… It was still working! I had no doubts that it would, based on how resilient the Aegis Legend was. The device was still powered on and worked as if nothing had ever happened. No water got into the Micro-USB port so the rubber plug seems like it did its job. I also removed the battery compartment and no water had gotten in there either— all good news for anyone concerned about the water resistance.

For durability testing I tossed the Aegis Solo mod around and let it hit the ground. I dropped it onto pavement, concrete and wood flooring from varying heights. After each drop I checked the device to see if it was still functioning. Aside from some scratches and scrapes on the rubber, metal band and leather though, it survived all the drops without a hitch. The screen didn’t even crack which is pretty incredible. It still powered on and vaped without an issue so I can say pretty confidently that you don’t have to worry about dropping this mod. I also checked the battery for any damage but it was still in perfect shape. Nice.

While I didn’t try running the Aegis Solo over with my car like I’ve seen a few people do, I have no doubt that it would have survived that, too.

PerformanceAegis Solo With Kylin M RTA

For a single battery mod the Aegis Solo is very good. It’s a no-frills vape mod that proved to be simple, reliable and efficient for wattages up to 60W. Although it can go up to 100W, I don’t think that it truly reaches the said wattage. Plus, vaping it anywhere higher than 60W will drain the battery considerably fast.

I mainly used the Aegis Solo with Wattage Mode and VPC. In Wattage Mode it performs great around 40-60W and lasted me a full day of heavy usage with battery life left over. I’m particularly a fan of the VPC mode and it works great on this mod. Setting your wattage curve provides more customization in your draw and allows you to ramp up or taper down your wattage depending on how you like to vape. With the ability to set up to 5 different wattages per draw, you can have a lot of fun finding what you like.

Firing speed is nuts with this mod. The second that you hit the fire button, the Aegis Solo fires. It’s almost too quick! There’s literally zero delay between when you press the button and it firing.

I liked being able to adjust the brightness by holding down the power button and adjustment buttons. If I was in a darker environment I would turn the brightness down and save myself some battery. If it was super bright, like when outdoors, I just turned it all the way up. It’s easy to adjust and a convenient feature to have.

VerdictAegis Solo Box Contents

Should you get the Aegis Solo? That depends. If you’re planning on running builds that require wattages up to 75W, then I would say yes. The only real con to this device is how fast the wattage scrolls and the maximum 100W output. Aside from these minor inconveniences, the rest of the mod is super. It’s small, compact, efficient and reliable — there’s not much more you could want from a single battery mod.

Plus the water and shock resistance are awesome. You’re not going to break this mod with normal use. To break it you’ll have to try really, really hard. Even then, I’m not sure what it would take! It passed the water and durability testing with flying colors and is certainly as indestructible as a vape mod can get.

What are your thoughts on the Aegis Solo? Let me know by dropping a comment!


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Danielle Alhiraki

Danielle is Versed Vaper’s Senior Editor for Buyer’s Guides. In addition to looking after buyer’s guides, she writes hardware reviews as well as manages our review team. Danielle used to be a pack a day smoker but vaping changed her life for the better. Smoke-free since 2015, Danielle is a huge advocate for tobacco harm reduction and has made it her mission to help other smokers make the switch to vaping. Danielle has reviewed hundreds of vaping products since joining Versed Vaper in 2018. Generally, you'll find her watching Disney movies, binging television series, or showing people pictures of her cats.


  • I just bought an Aegis Solo. It was recommended by the salesperson at the vape store. I just quit smoking and had tried a joy tech mini hand me down, which was very complicated since I had no manual and dont know the terminology or jargon of vaping. So, I was sold the solo based on its usability for beginners. The manual is not very helpful and it is very difficult to find a website with useful information for a beginner without any prior background information. I am guessing I should have started with a pen, but the sales person assured me this mod would be just as simple. Is there a site or a person who can explain how to use this mod? I am afraid of burning any more coils and wasting any more of my money. Plus, I don’t want to go back to smoking due to my frustration.
    Thank you!!
    First time and frustrated vaper.

    • Hey Kal!
      The Aegis Solo is a great mod for beginners. If you’re new to vaping I would suggest to stick with vaping in wattage mode only for now.

      Make sure that you’re priming your coils by dropping a bit of ejuice onto the cotton before you install it into your tank.

      Next, fill your tank and let it sit to be saturated by the ejuice for at least 10-15 minutes. Just to be safe. Then start off at a low wattage like 20W, and slowly work your way up in 5W increments until the draw and warmth is to your liking.

      If you follow these steps you won’t have a problem! I really hope you stick with vaping and don’t go back to smoking.

      If you have any questions I’m glad to help!

    • So, I’ve been using this mod for months. The up and down button at the bottom of the mod helps adjust the power of the hit. If you have a higher power, you’re going to burn through the coils faster. And probably cough up a lung if you’re not careful. Pressing the power button three times does change the mode but I typically stay with the standard mode which shows the puff counter, power etc. Since you’re starting out, I recommend a lower wattage (power) which can range. Use the up or down arrows.on the vape and find what you’re comfy with and inhale like you would with a cigarette. Another key is the vape juice you’re using. Make sure you’re using a flavor you like. Also be advised when y oui u change the coil, it will change the hit. For example, my mod is normally at 35 watts. However if I change the coil I lower it to 20-25. Hope this helps some.

    • Same issue here.

      I want to know how to change the temperature from F to C and the manual is wrong, the only thing that happens is the display dims or brightens.

      • To change from F° to C° just scroll the temperature all the way up until you hit 600°F then press the up button again. It will change into C°!

  • Love this mod. I was tired of logging around my sqounk mods and dual battery mods while traveling or on the go. And especially for work. I work outdoors and I’m always afraid of damaging my mods. So I looked at the aegis legend. Too big, looked the mini, internal battery not for me. Then I saw the solo. Liked all the features and especially the durability. I can pocket this mod and it fits in the hand so well. Love it!

    • Hey Enrique,

      It’s definitely an awesome mod! It’s great to have a durable mod that can take a beating, especially if you work outdoors. Glad you ‘re enjoying your Aegis Solo as much as I did!

  • I just acquired the Solo after using the Aegis Legend – an awesome mod – for several months since I wanted something a little less weighty to carry around. When I tried using my Ofrf NextMesh tank with the Solo, I could not get the tank to fire sufficiently to draw a vape, even when I maxed out the Solo wattage to 100. The tank IS firing, but it’s so weak that I’m getting a hernia trying to get a decent draw. Any insight as to what I’m doing wrong here?

  • I have the Aegis Solo and am using a Fireluke Mesh Coil. I am unsure the best settings to use. It feels like I am sucking nothing but air (just like how it feels when the mod is turned off completely) when I first try to draw. I do not get any flavor either. After a second or 2, I will get a little something but that is all. I have never had this experience with other mods. I have tried it on the standard settings with 69w and on TC-TCR with 80w. I like a good/consistent draw with lots of flavor and cloud. Help!

    • Hi Leah,

      Have you tried using the tank on another mod? Does it do the same thing? Does the Aegis Solo do this with other tanks? That will help narrow down if it’s the tank or the mod.

      Also, and this might sound silly, but make sure your battery is fully charged and appropriate for vaping. If this happens with other tanks on the Aegis Solo I would contact Geekvape because you might have gotten a faulty mod. It sucks but it happens. Hope this helps!

  • I just got my Aegis Solo in the mail today. So far I’m loving the thing. It’s a huge step up from the Vaporesso Sky Solo I was using before this, although that thing was pretty awesome for a beginner and I’m still using it for my CBD oil. Anyway, I was wondering about the temperature mode. When you change that, is it independent of things like wattage and amperage and all that? What I mean is, whether or not I have it at 200°F or 600°F does that affect any other settings or do they stay the same no matter what temperature I set it to? And as for the wattage…I went out and bought the Mesh X1 coils so I could get a higher wattage out of it if I want to, but was there a point if it’s just going to kill my battery so quickly? Is there an 18650 available that would handle those kinds of wattages (30 to 90) and how do I figure out what the battery is capable of based on the info it provides (usually just the mAh and the amps from what I can tell)? Sorry that this question is so long lol.

    • No worries about the long question!

      Temperature Control only limits how hot the coil can get; you still have to set the wattage. Wattage will determine how much power goes to your coil and thus how fast it will ramp up to temperature.

      To set the wattage in TC mode: Select the TC mode for your material. Then press the fire button to scroll down to “WAT” and use the adjustment buttons to select the wattage. The best wattage will depend on your coil resistance and your personal preferences.

      Also, just in case you don’t know this, Temperature Control can only be used with stainless steel, nickel, or titanium coils.

      Those X1 coils are still gonna be worth it, just use them somewhere from 60-75W. With a regulated mod like this I wouldn’t worry too much about the amps limit on your battery as long as it’s a good, reputable battery for vaping. If it’s any of the ones on our list here you’re good

      Otherwise, you’ll just need a high mAh battery so I’d suggest the LG HG2 because it’s got a 3000mAh capacity.

      Hope this helps you!

  • what setting should my aegis solo be set on? I have a mesh X1 coil in it. I primed it and it taste like crap. I just got it yesterday so I’m still learning about it. I upgraded from cool fire mini.

    • Hi Diana,

      If it’s the Geekvape Mesh X1 0.2ohm coils, it should be on wattage mode and set from 30-90W. Start low and work your way up. Also make sure that you wait after priming the coil.

  • Hi Danielle
    Just bought my solo after going through 3 eleaf I stick power mods (they don’t like tipping over never mind dropping!!), it’s great, very robust looks fantastic with my brunhilde mtl rta, best mtl tank ever:-) no leakage, easy build, looks fab, happy chappy

    • You can use any tank with a 510 connector on the Aegis Solo. Just keep in mind that any tank larger than 26mm will overhang a bit.

  • I’ve had the Solo for months and absolutely love it! I recently switched to the x2 coils to get higher wattage. I have my wattage set at 60 but I have noticed since switching my coils it seems to be a lot hotter and after 2 hits it gets really warm. My temperature is at 400. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Alissa!

      If you’re talking about the Geekvape X2 coils, these are Kanthal coils so they aren’t compatible with Temperature Control mode. That’s why it’s still getting hotter because it’s not actually regulating the temperature! Only Nickel, Stainless Steel, or Titanium coils can be used with temperature control mode. If you want more info you can check out this guide to different coil materials.

      Are you using the Cerberus tank? If so, I don’t believe that there are any coils capable of temperature control for the Cerberus. Unfortunately you’ll have to get another tank to use TC. If you want some good suggestions you can check out our list of the best sub ohm tanks. The OFRF NexMesh is a great tank and it comes with a SS316L coil that works great with TC mode.

  • I just bought this thing and I’m loving it.

    It seems like if I were to drop it (and I’m sure to do that very soon), it would knock the earth off its axis but remain working.

  • I am thinking to buy this mod. But i have one question. Can i use it on 60W without destroying the Heather? Becouse recommend is 40W

  • I HATE this mod!!! Hands down the single most disappointing vape mod I’ve ever purchased!
    The design for battery change is absolutely terrible and a massive pain in the ass. I’ve never stripped or Cross threaded the impractical screw on cover yet it pops off for no reason and sometimes won’t even screw on to keep battery in place.

  • Hi Danielle. This is a good written review. I just recently bought the Aegis solo and I’m new to vaping. I have just a few questions because I’m worried. When I press the fire button to vape, is it normal to hear those pop sounds? Secondly I don’t get a lot of smoke coming out and lastly why does the tank burn up so quick?

    • Hey Vanessa. The popping sounds are normal and nothing to worry about. If you aren’t getting a lot of vapor, make sure you have the Aegis Solo set to the correct wattage for your coil that you are using and that the airflow is open on your tank. The coil you are using should have a recommended wattage written on it so vape it in this recommended range. For your last question, do you mean the coil is burning up quickly or the ejuice is being used up quickly?

  • i have had no issue with this device i love it i just upgraded to a aegis t200 touch screen unit with a zeus tank today its still solid recomended if you want something small and reliable