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Vaprwear Hoodie Review: Hoodies that you can.. Vape from?

At Versed Vaper, we’re always on the lookout for new and interesting vape products. Most recently, Uwell released their Amulet vape watch which was pretty neat and different. No one would think that your watch is a vape so it’s pretty discreet. But last week I came across something that I found even more interesting.

Apparently, there’s a company called Vaprwear and they make all sorts of vaping clothing and accessories. Yes, you read that right. Vaping. Clothing. 

Basically, they sell hoodies that have a special drawstring. This drawstring attaches on one end to your pod vape like a JUUL or other disposable e-cig. The other end is a mouthpiece where you can inhale. The end effect is that it looks like you’re vaping from your hoodie; like magic.

Of course, this can also be used sneakily (by those of legal vaping age!). If you’re around some judgy people you can always sneak a pull when no one is looking. And even if someone does catch you with the drawstring of a hoodie in your mouth, it’s no big deal right? You’re just chewing on the end of your drawstring like people sometimes do.

Needless to say, I had to get my hands on a vaping hoodie to check it out. I’ve had mine for a few days now and honestly, it’s pretty sweet.

Vaprwear Hoodie Review: Hoodies that you can.. Vape from?

How it works

Vaprwear Drawstring

These Vaprwear hoodies have a drawstring like any other hoodie — but it’s no normal drawstring. It’s actually a tube that connects to your vape. It looks normal and inconspicuous enough though because it’s covered in fabric.

The end that attaches to your vape is a stretchy rubber piece. It stretches quite a bit and all of my 510 CBD cartridges, all of my small round e-cigarettes and most of my disposables e-cigs fit. However, most pod devices are going to need an adapter. They sell two adapters: small and large.

The small adapter will fit the JUUL and other small, square pod vapes. The large adapter will fit devices like the Uwell Caliburn and Smok Infinix. For this hoodie to work, the mouthpiece has to be small and round or small/medium sized and rectangular. Very wide or very big mouthpieces aren’t going to work.

  • Vaprwear Lightweight Stretch

You’ll have to be using a draw-activated device to get the most out of this hoodie. Nothing is stopping you from using a button-activated pod vape but you’ll have to press the button every time you want to take a draw. That’s definitely not as convenient as just drawing on the mouthpiece.

Once your device is connected, there are pockets on the hoodie where you can stash it away. I got the ‘Lightweight Stretch’ hoodie and the pockets are on the inside. It’s a slim but deep pocket made of fabric mesh to allow airflow to the device.

With the drawstring attached and the vape hidden away, you can pull on the mouthpiece end of the drawstring to vape.

Does it work?Vaprwear Vaping

What you’re probably wondering is “Does it work?”. And I don’t blame you because that’s exactly what I was thinking when I first saw these vape hoodies.

To answer the question: yes, it does work. It takes a pull or two to get the drawstring filled up with vapor but once it’s going it works well. The drawstring makes an airtight seal around the mouthpiece of the vape — the draw activation on all of my pod vapes worked perfectly fine. It doesn’t take too much effort at all to activate.

My vapes taste exactly the same as if I wasn’t using the drawstring. I was concerned that there might be a weird taste from inhaling through the drawstring but there isn’t.

Does it work with Dry Herb Vapes?

Yup. I can see that as a huge market for this type of product: dry herb vape users who want to be discreet in their use. Provided that your dry herb vape is draw activated, like a distillate pen, these vape hoodies will work just the same as they would for eliquid vape devices.

How is a vaping hoodie useful?

It seems a bit gimmicky, a vaping hoodie, but I can think of a few situations in which it could be genuinely useful:

Snowboarding/Skiing: If you’re snowboarding or skiing then this could be really useful. Instead of pulling out your vape once you’ve stopped or risking dropping your vape to take a draw while you’re moving, taking a draw from the drawstring is easier and safer. 

Driving: It’s essentially a hands-free way to vape. Even portable vapes like the JUUL can be heavy to hold in your mouth so this is a better way to vape. Your hands are free to drive and you can hold the lightweight drawstring in your mouth indefinitely if you want to. 

Discreet situations: If you’re at an event or around people who frown upon vaping (for whatever silly reason) this could be useful. No one will know you’re vaping as long as you keep the draws short and hold in the vapor until it dissipates. 

Vaprwear Clothing & BackpacksVaprwear Backpack

Vaprwear sells 8 types of clothing, seven hoodies and one t-shirt. Each one comes in a few different colors and they have sizes ranging from small to 3XL. The ‘Tailgater Pro Pullover’ is really neat because it has a pocket in the front that holds a beer bottle! Vaping and beer, the best of both worlds. 

Aside from the clothing they also have vaping backpacks. These have a hydration bladder as well as a vapor drawstring and looks like it would work well for hiking or camping. It’s also got a lot of space for other things besides your vape devices; or for more vape devices.


I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical. But after using a vaping hoodie for a week, I’m a believer. There’s a ton of situations where it can be really useful. But even for regular, everyday joes it’s a really cool product. It keeps your vape on you so that you don’t forget it and it’s really easy to use. I give it two big thumbs up.

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