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Uwell Nunchaku 2 Review: 21700 Compatible & Up to 100W

Uwell Nunchaku 2



Nunchaku 2 Whole Kit
Design — 9.0
Build Quality — 9.5
Coils — 8.5
Performance — 9.0
Flavor — 9.5



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Uwell have finally released the vape pen that we’ve been waiting for: the Nunchaku 2. It takes a single 21700 battery(!) and will output up to 100W. Interestingly, the Nunchaku 2 doesn’t have adjustment buttons. Instead, it has a gyroscope that allows you to adjust the wattage by tilting the device on its side. 

In addition to wattage mode, it also has TCR and a mechanical mode setting. The tank that comes with the Nunchaku 2 has a 5ml capacity, a threaded top cap and includes two coils, one of which is a SS316L coil for use with the Nunchaku 2’s TCR mode.

Everything about this kit has me excited! But is the Nunchaku 2 really worth your money? Keep reading to find out.

This device was sent to me for the purpose of this review from Vaporl.

Box ContentsNunchaku 2 Box Contents

  • 1 x Nunchaku 2 Mod
  • 1 x Nunchaku 2 Tank
  • 1 x UN2 0.20ohm Coil
  • 1 x UN2 SS316L 0.14ohm Coil
  • 1 x 18650 Battery Sleeve
  • 1 x Extra Bubble Glass
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cable
  • 1 x Pack of O-rings
  • User Manual


Nunchaku 2 Mod

  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • 5-100W
  • Single 18650/20700/21700 Battery
  • Uwell BEIN Chipset
  • Dustproof & Waterproof PCBA
  • MEMS Gyroscope

Nunchaku 2 Tank

  • 5ml Capacity
  • Threaded Top Cap
  • Silicone Membrane Fill Port
  • Tri-Slot Airflow

Design & Build Quality: Nunchaku 2 ModNunchaku 2 Mod Only

The Nunchaku 2 closely resembles the original Nunchaku. It has the same tube shape that bulges towards the middle, the same fire button and the same screen. But the Nunchaku 2 is slightly taller (100mm) and wider (29.9mm) in order to fit a 21700 battery. Just like the original, the curved body fits nicely in my hand.

The body is made completely of metal; stainless steel according to Uwell’s website. It’s a heavy mod by itself at 141g and every heavier with a battery inserted and the tank attached. Compared to other vape pens, the Nunchaku 2 is quite big & hefty. 

The screen is now positioned near the top of the mod but it’s still just as tiny. It displays the set wattage, mode, coil resistance, and battery life. Despite being so small, it’s still rather bright. Underneath the screen is the power/fire button. It’s responsive and tactile and I can comfortably reach it with my thumb. 

The design of the mod is simple. I received the Iridescent color (my favorite!) and it has a shiny mirror finish that looks stunning. But there are no design lines on the body and very minimal branding; just a Uwell Nunchaku 2 logo on the bottom, backside of the mod. 

There’s a micro-usb port near the top of the mod. The battery cap is on the bottom (duh!) and the threading is nice and smooth. The Nunchaku can fit 20700 or 21700 batteries which is awesome but it also comes with a battery sleeve to fit an 18650. With a 21700 battery installed there’s absolutely no rattling, no matter how viciously I shake it. 

How to Use the Nunchaku 2Nunchaku 2 Screen

Using the Nunchaku 2 is different than any other mod; there are no adjustment buttons! Instead, The Nunchaku 2 uses a MEMS gyroscope to monitor movements and adjustments are controlled by tilting the mod sideways. At first I didn’t like this whole tilting deal but I (reluctantly) got used to it. Plus, once I found my perfect wattage there was no need to keep adjusting it.

The Nunchaku has three modes: wattage mode, TCR mode and Mechanical mode. Wattage mode is your standard variable wattage mode up to 100W, TCR allows you to set the TCR for use with any material, and mechanical mode with fire at the voltage of your battery. Pressing the fire button three times will open up the menu.

Turning the mod on is a straightforward five clicks on the power button. To adjust the wattage, click on the fire button three times and it will bring up a menu. Press the fire button once more to select “Power Mode” and you can now tilt the mod side to side to change the wattage up or down.

To get into TCR you have to open the menu by clicking the fire button three times, then tilt to select TCR. Press the fire button and you’re able to tilt the mod to select the temperature. To change from C to F, keep tilting to the right until it switches over. Press the fire button to confirm the temperature.

The Nunchaku 2 then lets you set the wattage in TC mode. Again, tilt to your preferred wattage (60-65W worked best with the SS316L coil) and press the fire button to select.

Finally, setting the TCR. For the included SS316L coil I couldn’t get it to vape at the usual.00088-.00094 setting for SS316L and had to go up to .00100 to get it to work.

Tilting the mod to change settings is okay but I still would have preferred some good old-fashioned adjustment buttons. Sometimes tilting will scroll you too far and you have to tilt the other way and go back. It’s just difficult at times to select the correct wattage/temperature without scrolling past. On the bright side, once I found my perfect wattage there was no need to keep adjusting it.

Nunchaku 2 Tank

  • Nunchaku 2 Tank

The Nunchaku 2 comes with a standard sub ohm tank. It’s got a good 5ml capacity and comes pre installed with a bubble glass. There’s also another bubble glass in the box. The top cap comes off with a quarter turn so it’s easy to remove or put back on.

The fill port is a decent size and covered by a silicone membrane to prevent leaking. Ejuice bottles need to be stuck through the membrane to fill the tank. This membrane does a good job of containing eliquid because in the time that I’ve been using this tank there’s been no leaking from the top cap.

The drip tip is 510 compatible and it’s the same style of drip tip as the Uwell Crown IV and Valyrian 2. The base of the drip tip has a thin band that matches the color of the tank. It’s a nice touch.

There are three, medium size airflow slots and the airflow ring is on a stopper. The airflow ring has just the right amount of resistance; it isn’t too hard or too easy to adjust. Fully open the airflow is still slightly restricted. Fully closed there’s zero airflow.

Uwell include two coils with the tank: a 0.20ohm coil and a 0.14ohm SS316L coil. These coils press-fit into the tank so there’s no screwing in required. These coils are compatible with the original Nunchaku and the original Nunchaku coils are compatible with this tank. 

The 0.20ohm coil is for wattage mode vaping only. It wicks well with anything from 50/50 to 80VG/20PG and I had no dry hits. I did have some leaking with this coil though. It’s possible that this coil had some manufacturing issues but I’m not sure because it vaped fine. 

The 0.14ohm coil is for either wattage or TCR vaping. I didn’t find much of a difference in performance between the two modes though. This coil fared better than the other coil and didn’t leak even a single drop. It also wicks well with anything from 50/50 to 80VG/20PG so it’s versatile too. This is a damn good coil!

PerformanceNunchaku 2 Whole Kit

As a whole this kit is excellent. It’s a Uwell product after all so I was expecting it to be good, but in some ways it’s even exceeded my expectations. Just the same, there are also some things that I would change.

The Nunchaku 2 mod is a great wattage mode vape pen. The wattage mode performance is consistent and it fires instantly with no delay. The fact that it takes a 21700 battery is what takes it from good to great. I used it at 65W for more than a full day before I had to recharge my battery and you can expect the same.

I could do without the tilt adjustments. I would have preferred adjustment buttons because changing settings is more cumbersome than it has to be. It’s not bad but it is more difficult than it should be and takes more time and effort.

The 0.20ohm coil comes pre installed so it’s what I’ll start with. Flavor is good but it feels ‘wet’. Lots of clouds from this coil at 65W but it can even be pushed all the way up to 80W with no ill effects. It’s too hot of a vape for me at 80W though. Unfortunately this coil leaked on me and I couldn’t use it for longer than a few days. I’m not impressed. 

The 0.14ohm coil is nearly the same for flavor and it’s also a wet vape. 65W is also the sweet spot for this coil and it can similarly be pushed all the way up to 80W. According to Uwell, this coil is meant to be used with TCR but I couldn’t get consistent draws. Setting the TCR to the typical .00088 – .00094 didn’t give me any vapor at all. Setting the temp to 450F and TCR to .00100 produced some vapor but it throttles aggressively and cuts off power 1-2 seconds into the draw. Too inconsistent for any real vaping to get done.

VerdictNunchaku 2 Review

My final verdict is that overall, the Nunchaku 2 is a great vape pen. The tilt adjustment could be done away with but it’s a minor inconvenience. I appreciate Uwell trying to do something different but sometimes it’s better to stick with what already works.

The ability to use an 18650, 20700 or 21700 battery is awesome and what I’ve been waiting to see in a vape pen. The included tank is also very good, aside from the leaking I had with the 0.20ohm coil. And as long as you’re not planning on doing any TC vaping, the 0.14ohm coil is a great wattage mode coil.

It has a few shortcomings but overall, I still think that the Nunchaku 2 is one of the best vape pens released to date.


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  • I have noticed that even with my wattage set at 73 when I fire on a full battery the watt is only 69 while it is still set on 73 and on a half battery it is firing at 49 or less while still set on 73. Do you have any idea why it would be doing that? Thank you!